Can You Help Solve a ‘Shackleton Scribble’ Mystery?


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After some-more than a century, a puzzling shorthand summary exhumed from a repository is confounding scientists and chronological societies alike.

In a winter of 1903, on returning from his really initial Antarctic expedition, Sir Ernest Shackleton found himself in need of a job. He practical for a secretary position within a Royal Scottish Geographical Society (RSGS), an classification obliged for introducing a latest and many innovative technologies. Among them during a time: a telephone.

Several days ago it was reported in The Courier that stream RSGS multitude member Jo Woolf had unearthed Shackleton’s resume, that contingency have proven successful, since he hold a particular position for several years. A collection of legislature assembly logs, annotated maps, handwritten memos and even a few photographs were also uncovered.

The Scrawl That’s Stumping Us All

Shackleton’s CV was printed beautifully and presented well. His references, including associate frigid path-finder Captain Robert Falcon Scott of a British boat “The Discovery,” spoke rarely of him. Scott described Shackleton as “a marvel of intelligent energy” and as a male with an “indomitable pluck.”

Though his education were impressive, it’s what was written in a margins of his resume that’s capturing experts’ attention. In a bottom corner, penned in shorthand is a summary that has proven unreadable so far. Its definition stays unknown, though there are copiousness of theories.

It is probable that this note was simply a criticism or regard about Shackleton’s character, scribbled in promptness by his interviewer. Another, somewhat some-more scandalous, tender suggests that this criticism was done by Captain Scott, who was indeed a famous opposition of Shackleton’s, notwithstanding his auspicious comments per his trust and work ethic. A last-minute insult or a acknowledgment of his worthiness? We competence never know.

The Games ‘Afoot

Attention all riddlers and puzzlers!

If we trust you’ve solved this century-long poser or if we have any discernment into a definition behind these puzzling scribbles, we are speedy by a RSGS to hit them during

  • The baloney competence be a anxiety that Shackleton would after use in 2013 in a debate to a Peace Society where he pronounced that a gambling instinct is a aged as a tellurian competition and as widespread as tellurian enterprise.

    A word imitative “gambling” appears on a second line. Some other difference can partially be damaged out, though don’t seem to supplement anything to e discussion, i.e. ” we consider all” + “after” + “guilty” + “willingly”, though some of these are pristine guesswork. Knowing a resume content competence help.

  • Nothing is going to lift are spirits

  • Maybe it’s only a doodle?

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