Teen suicide: Risk factors, warning signs and prevention

According to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, self-murder is a second heading means of genocide for immature people between a ages of 10 to 24.

If we or someone we know needs help, strike the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline  at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or the Lifeline predicament chat. In an emergency, call 911.


Sources: National Prevention Suicide Lifeline, National Alliance for Mental Illness

  • Talking about wanting to die or to kill themselves
  • Looking for a approach to kill themselves, like acid online or shopping a gun
  • Feeling destroyed or carrying no reason to live
  • Talking about feeling trapped or in intolerable pain
  • Talking about being a weight to others
  •  Increasing use of ethanol or drugs
  • Acting concerned or agitated; working recklessly
  • Sleeping too small or too much
  • Withdrawing or isolating themselves
  • Showing fury or articulate about seeking revenge
  • Extreme mood swings; remarkable changes in personality
  • Running divided from home


Source: Child Mind Institute

  • A new or critical loss;  competence embody a genocide of a family member, a crony or a pet. The subdivision or a divorce of parents, or a dissection with a beloved or a girlfriend, can also be felt as a surpassing loss, along with a primogenitor losing a job, or a family losing their home.
  • A psychiatric disorder, quite a mood commotion like depression, or a trauma- and stress-related disorder.
  • Prior self-murder attempts boost risk for another self-murder attempt.
  • ·Alcohol and other piece use disorders, as good as removing into a lot of trouble, carrying disciplinary problems, enchanting in a lot of high-risk behaviors.
  • Struggling with passionate course in an sourroundings that is not deferential or usurpation of that orientation. The emanate is not either a child is happy or lesbian, though either he or she is struggling to come out in an unsupportive environment.
  • A family story of self-murder is something that can be unequivocally poignant and concerning, as is a story of domestic violence, child abuse or neglect.
  • Lack of amicable support. A child who doesn’t feel support from poignant adults in her life, as good as her friends, can turn so removed that self-murder seems to benefaction a usually approach out of her problems.
  • Bullying. We know that being a plant of bullying is a risk factor, though there’s also some justification that kids who are bullies competence be during increasing risk for suicidal behavior.
  • Access to fatal means, like firearms and pills.
  • Stigma compared with seeking for help. One of a things we know is that a some-more destroyed and infirm people feel, a some-more expected they are to select to mistreat themselves or finish their life. Similarly, if they feel a lot of contrition or shame, or if they feel meaningless or have low self-esteem.
  • Barriers to accessing services: Difficulties in removing much-needed services embody miss of bilingual use providers, dangerous transportation, and a financial cost of services.
  • Cultural and eremite beliefs that self-murder is a eminent approach to solve a personal dilemma.


Here are only some of a many resources accessible online:

A parent’s beam to assisting a child in distress

Symptoms of basin in teenagers

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline |  Youth page

Suicide Safety on  Social Media

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

JED Foundation

The Trevor Project

National Institute of Mental Health

Suicide Prevention Resource Center

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Healthy Children.org:  Help stop teen suicide


Facebook improves self-murder impediment outreach, focuses on live video

Facebook has beefed adult a self-murder impediment tools, including new options for people to news if someone competence mistreat themselves while broadcasting on Facebook Live.

How to speak with your teen about “13 Reasons Why”

“Don’t be fearful to have a review with your children,” one consultant says about a renouned though unfortunate show

Netflix strike “13 Reasons Why” faces tough critique from clergyman and parents

A argumentative Netflix array is call schools to advise relatives about a risks of teen suicide. 

Crisis Text Line: High-tech helpline for teenagers in crisis

One of a mantras during Crisis Text Line [CTL] is to accommodate people where they are, and that means charity dissimilar assistance on dungeon phones

1 in 13 immature adults cruise suicide

Data from 2013-2014 translates into 2.6 million Americans between 18-25 considering finale their lives

Pediatricians urged to shade teenagers for self-murder risks

In a arise of new information that self-murder has risen to a second-leading means of genocide among adolescents, a heading organisation of physicians is propelling pediatricians to shade their patients for suicidal thoughts and risk factors.

Bullying: Words Can Kill

A “48 Hours” special on bullying in a digital age

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