Marijuana for menstrual cramps? One state considers it

Women with menstrual cramps in New York state could have a new choice for easing their monthly pains: medical marijuana.

The New York State Assembly is deliberation a check to supplement dysmenorrhea — a medical name for menstrual cramps — to a list of conditions for that doctors can legally sanction a studious to use medical marijuana. Under a state’s law, usually patients with a specific medical conditions named in a law can entrance medical pot in New York, according to Newsweek. Cancer, HIV and mixed sclerosis are among a conditions already on a list.

Severe cases of dysmenorrhea can be “debilitating,” New York State Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal wrote in a bill. “Medical pot can assuage many of a unpleasant effects of dysmenorrhea.” [Healing Herb? Marijuana Could Treat These 5 Conditions]

The bill, that still has several legislative hurdles to overcome, is upheld by singer Whoopi Goldberg, who sells a line of medical marijuana products that are marketed privately for duration pain, Newsweek reported.

But does pot unequivocally assistance with menstrual pain?

There haven’t been any severe studies that have shown that there’s a advantage to regulating pot for menstrual cramps, pronounced Dr. Charles Pollack, an emergency-medicine medicine during Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia and a executive of a university’s Lambert Center for a Study of Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp.

And yet there are good information display that pot can assistance people with neuropathic pain, a pain from menstrual cramps doesn’t tumble into this category, Pollack said. Neuropathic pain is pain associated to a nerves, such as a pinched or delirious nerve.

That said, “it’s not out of a area of a possible” that a drug could be useful for women with menstrual cramps, Pollack told Live Science.

This is since a womanlike reproductive tract, and, in particular, a uterus and a backing of a uterus, has an “abundance” of endocannabinoid receptors, Pollack said. The chemicals in pot that are obliged for a effects in a physique are called cannabinoids, and can connect to these receptors.

The find of these receptors, for example, has led to some researchers meditative that pot might assistance women with endometriosis, Pollack said. Endometriosis is an mostly unpleasant commotion in that a hankie that routinely lines a woman’s uterus, called a endometrium, grows outward a uterus, the Mayo Clinic says. One area of investigate is deliberation either pot might assistance both with easing a pain of endometriosis and negligence a expansion of endometrial tissue, Pollack said.

It’s also probable that women with unpleasant menstrual cramps advantage from a anxiolytic, or anti-anxiety, effects of marijuana, Pollack added.

But since of a miss of data, it’s formidable to pull conclusions about a drug’s effects. “There’s only a scarcity of information in this regard,” Pollack said. And a drug might have downsides: Although it’s “exceedingly unlikely” that someone will die from an overdose of marijuana, there are still questions about a probable effects of regular, long-term use, he said.

Dr. Ranit Mishori, a highbrow of family medicine during Georgetown University School of Medicine, told Live Science in 2016 that, “with a difference of a investigate in 1800s, we see no justification in a medical novel that supports” a use of pot for menstrual cramps.

Although there are barriers to study pot in a U.S., “the choice isn’t to suggest a diagnosis in a deficiency of evidence,” Mishori said. 

Originally published on Live Science.

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