"I’m a child only like you": 9-year-old explains autism in viral video

When George Yionoulis’ fourth-grade clergyman asked if he’d be gentle creation a display in category to explain his autism, a 9-year-old child jumped during a idea. Instead of simply station in front of a room and articulate about himself, Yionoulis motionless to furnish his unequivocally own music video — and now it’s going viral.

“He doesn’t indispensably know how distant it’s reached,” George’s mom, Lisa Jolley, told CBS News. “He didn’t do this to turn a YouTube sensation.”

But that’s accurately what happened.

The fourth-grader from Raleigh, North Carolina, creatively done a six-minute video to share with his 21 classmates during Douglas Elementary. He wanted to explain because he competence respond to situations differently than others.

“Sometimes he’ll go over a tip responding to something or he’ll get dissapoint in category and other kids don’t indispensably know how to understanding with it,” Jolley explained. “It takes him longer to routine information — to see a large picture. Why should we be quiet? Why do we have to lay for so prolonged while category is going? What we try and illustrate is that he has so most in his head.”

But during a finish of a day, as George reminded his friends in a video, “I’m a child only like you.”

George says he loves music, dancing, “Harry Potter,” Minecraft and tacos.

“I like carrying fun only like you, so if we ever see me personification by myself it doesn’t indispensably meant we don’t wish to play with you, too,” George pronounced in a video. 

My Autism – by George by
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While he competence have identical interests as other kids his age, George explained that his celebrity competence be a bit different. Sometimes, he has a tough time focusing.

“Like a lot of other kids with autism we competence not have been looking, though that didn’t meant we wasn’t listening,” George said. “Speaking of listening, we can hear a lot of things and sounds all during a same time, that infrequently creates it tough to concentration on any one sound or thought. That’s because it competence take a small some-more time to answer we when we ask me a question.”

He also tends to take what people contend literally.

“That means if we contend take a seat, we competence find one reduction chair in your classroom,” George said. “If we contend it’s raining cats and dogs, we competence think, ‘Oh, I’m removing a puppy!'”

George is also unequivocally empathetic, his mom added.

“He feels everything. He’s a unequivocally aged soul,” she said.

Jolley was so unapproachable of George’s video, that his dad, Michael Yionoulis, helped edit, that she motionless to upload it onto YouTube and her personal Facebook page. Within days a video started to take off. As of Tuesday evening, some-more than 23,000 people have watched a video on YouTube alone.

“It’s extraordinary to se how many people it has touched,” Jolley said. “And his category desired it. They have been, according to his teacher, been holding it to heart and carrying some-more calm with him.”

George was diagnosed with autism when he was 2 years old.

“We had him evaluated for a debate delay. He wasn’t talking, so it unequivocally came out of nowhere for us,” Jolley said. “He was so enchanting and warm. we thought, ‘He can’t presumably have this.'”

As a primogenitor of a newly diagnosed child with autism, Jolley admitted, during first, she was lost.

“Everything we designed for goes out a window. But now we comprehend it’s not out a window, the only shifted. It’s in another partial of your house,” she explained.

She hopes George’s video helps other relatives like herself and kids like George to know that it’s OK to be different. And those who don’t have autism, Jolley says, can learn how to be some-more inclusive.

“Don’t be fearful to come ask me about it,” George suggested his classmates. “Seriously, it’s OK — only come ask me about it. I’m a child only like you.”

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