Dr. Samadi: The 10 prostate cancer risk factors group need to know

It is customarily not probable to know accurately because one male develops prostate cancer and another doesn’t. It could count on a underline of a man’s habits, genetic makeup or personal story that increases a luck of a disease.

These facilities are what are referred to as risk factors — any attribute, evil or bearing of a male that boost a odds of him building prostate cancer.

What is famous is that risk factors matter in regards to prostate cancer. Research has shown that certain risk factors competence boost a man’s chances of building it, only like there are protecting risk factors related to obscure one’s risk of a disease.

Why risk factors matter

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One approach for a male to be prepared and entirely know a probability of prostate cancer is to be informed with risk factors compared with it. Keep in mind carrying a risk cause or even several does not meant that we will automatically get prostate cancer. There can be people who have no risk factors and still rise cancer.

But carrying a believe of what a risk factors for prostate cancer are can give group recognition of what they can and can’t control and from there make certain changes that could revoke a occurrence of building it.

Risk factors for prostate cancer

Here are 10 risk factors that competence lift a probability of a male removing prostate cancer:

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1. Age

This risk cause is a series one reason because a male competence rise prostate cancer. Obviously a male can't change his age, though only meaningful that age is a risk cause can keep him responsive of that fact and make certain he is carrying yearly checkups on his prostate gland.

Prostate cancer is singular in group younger than 40 though when a male turns age 50 his risk for it fast rises. In fact, 6 out of 10 cases of prostate cancer are found in group comparison than 65.

2. Race/ethnicity

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Men who are of African American skirmish and Caribbean group of African stock have aloft rates of prostate cancer than group of other races. On tip of this, a male who is African American has some-more than twice a risk of failing from prostate cancer than white men. The races/ethnicities in that prostate cancer occurs rebate frequently in are Asian-American and Hispanic men. It is not famous what a reason is for these secular differences.

3. Geography

Another rebate accepted inequality of where prostate cancer is some-more common has to do with where a male lives. Prostate cancer is many common in North America, northwestern Europe, Australia, and on Caribbean islands. It is diagnosed rebate ordinarily in Asia, Africa, Central American and South America.

One cause that is believed to presumably play a purpose in a inequality are lifestyle differences such as food choices or diet.

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4. Family history

Prostate cancer does tend to run in families, suggesting that in some cases there competence be an hereditary or genetic factor. A male who had a first-degree relations such as his father or hermit (it is even aloft if a male had a hermit with it) diagnosed with prostate cancer has a some-more than double risk of building this disease.

Another cause that can place a male during a aloft risk is if he has had several kin with prostate cancer and quite if these kin were immature during a time of diagnosis.

5. Gene changes

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There has been investigate display that group with hereditary gene changes seem to have an augmenting risk of prostate cancer. For example, if there are hereditary mutations of a BRCA1 or BRCA1genes, that lift a risk of breast and ovarian cancer in women, mutations in these genes (especially BRCA2) competence also lift prostate cancer risk in some men.

A male who has Lynch syndrome, a condition caused by hereditary gene changes, can boost a risk for a series of cancers including prostate cancer.

6. Food choices

There are some studies that have shown group who eat a lot of red beef or high-fat dairy products seem to have a somewhat aloft risk of building prostate cancer. However, these same group also tend to devour fewer fruits and vegetables.

Some studies have shown that group who devour a lot of calcium competence boost their risk of prostate cancer. Again, many studies have not found a couple with a levels of calcium found in a normal diet — and calcium is famous to have many critical health benefits.

7. Excess weight gain

Studies have shown portly group do have a low risk of building a low-grade (less dangerous) form of prostate cancer though a aloft risk of removing a some-more assertive prostate cancer.

8. Lack of exercise

There have been studies display a attribute between practice and a lowered risk of prostate cancer. Researchers have found that group who were tolerably to rarely active had a some-more than 50% rebate in their prostate cancer risk. Men who exercised in any volume had a 13% rebate in a risk of a assertive form of a disease.

9. Chemical exposure

A few studies have suggested a probable couple between bearing to Agent Orange, a chemical used widely in a Vietnam War and augmenting risk of prostate cancer.

10. Smoking

Smoking is not good for anyone’s health and it has clever ties to many forms of cancer, including prostate cancer. Recent studies have found a tiny tie between smoking and augmenting a risk of prostate cancer. Any male who now smokes and is disturbed about his risk of building this illness would be correct to quit smoking.

Dr. Samadi is a board-certified urologic oncologist lerned in open and normal and laparoscopic medicine and is an consultant in robotic prostate surgery. He is authority of urology, arch of robotic medicine during Lenox Hill Hospital. He is a medical writer for a Fox News Channel’s Medical A-Team. Follow Dr. Samadi on Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, SamadiMD.com, davidsamadiwiki, davidsamadibio and Facebook.

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