Can knockoff makeup be dangerous to your health?

There’s a warning about a dangers of regulating tawdry makeup and other knockoff products like toothpaste and cologne. U.S. Customs and Border Protection seized a record series of tawdry products final year, value scarcely $1.4 billion. One of their tip priorities is spotting feign toiletries that can be dangerous to your health. 

Customs agents seized some-more than 2,000 shipments of tawdry beauty products final year alone. They pronounced feign personal caring equipment are now even some-more common than knockoff handbags.

CBS News match Jamie Yuccas and her group visited a room nearby a Long Beach Seaport where officers take a closer demeanour during questionable packages. Most of a boxes watchful for serve investigation are from China and Hong Kong. The etiquette officers are a initial line of invulnerability for throwing bootleg shipments. While a products might be fake, they can have really genuine health consequences for consumers. 


 Beauty blogger Tanya Arguelles 

Beauty blogger Tanya Arguelles found out initial palm when she purchased a renouned eyeshadow from a downtown Los Angeles travel marketplace final year. U.S. etiquette officers contend many of a ignored products sole there expected snuck in underneath a radar during sea ports like Long Beach.

“I only wanted to know, can this presumably be as good as a $50 that we only spent?” Arguelles said.

She tested both eye shadows and when she woke adult a subsequent morning, her eye was burning, worried and itchy.

“Within a initial 45 minutes, we satisfied that it was an eye infection. we couldn’t get my contacts on,” Arguelles said. “I looked behind during a footage and it was on a feign side. Hundred percent.”

Arguelles isn’t alone. Other people who have used tawdry makeup have reported allergic reactions, skin rashes, distended lips and chemical burns.

We wanted to find out how easy it is to find a products, so we went selling clandestine during a same downtown alley. Most of a feign makeup sole here is half a cost of a original. Some vendors certified a products were knockoffs though positive us they were only as good. 

“It works a same thing as a original,” one businessman said.


Back during Arguelles’ studio, we compared a purchases with a same makeup from normal sell stores. The wrapping is scarcely identical.

Some feign makeup has reportedly been found to enclose dangerous chemicals such as arsenic, mercury and aluminum. We sent a feign and genuine versions of a Mac lipstick and a Jaclyn Hill eye shade palette to a lab where they were tested for 12 opposite metals. Most concerning: some of a eye shadows in a feign palette had scarcely 4 times a volume of lead as those in a genuine version.  In one, a volume exceeded a FDA endorsed limit of 10 tools per million. The feign lipstick had scarcely 15 times a volume of lead as a genuine thing.

“Often a vulnerable consumer products are done in factories… have unwholesome conditions,” pronounced Brenda Smith, executive partner commissioner for Office of Trade during U.S. Customs and Border Protection. “So a peculiarity is not to what we need it to be.”

Customs and Border Protection pronounced a tawdry products are costing a cosmetic courtesy about $75 million a year. They pronounced shortening a volume of feign products smuggled into a nation could be as elementary as educating customers.

“The farthest they consider is, I’m only shopping a feign palette. They don’t consider that there could be mixture in here that could put my health during risk,” Arguelles said.

Fake products like makeup aren’t only sole in downtown Los Angeles. Costumers need to compensate tighten courtesy to prohibited sheet equipment they find online if a prices seem too good to be true. Beauty bloggers contend a best approach to know we are removing a genuine thing is to record onto a cosmetic company’s central website to find out where their equipment are sold. 

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