Alcohol vs. marijuana: Which one is safer?

There are few battles as exhilarated as a contention as to what’s safer — ethanol or marijuana?

Like a veteran tennis match, a lobs bombardment behind and forth. Alcohol is legal, pot is not (in many states). You can’t overdose on marijuana, we can on alcohol. You know what you’re removing with alcohol, not so many with marijuana.

On and a contention goes, so we motionless to demeanour deeper and see what a scholarship says.


Buzz kill: Alcohol is related to 7 forms of cancer, investigate finds

Alcohol might be legal, though there’s no denying it’s dangerous. In fact, a CDC reports that scarcely 88,000 alcohol-related deaths start any year. Binge celebration accounts for about half of these deaths as genocide can start within 5 mins of binge drinking.

Alcohol is also related to substantial long-term health issues — over 7 forms of cancer, form 2 diabetes, cardiovascular issues, plumpness and more.

Reckless and rapist function increases with ethanol use. Up to 50% of all domestic assault incidences start when ethanol is involved. The contingency of being in a automobile collision boost by some-more than 2,200% when celebration alcohol.

Alcohol use can also lead to unsure passionate behavior, augmenting incidences of passionate violence, miss of insurance or infidelity.

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Concerning as good are a cases of alcohol-induced blackouts. Drinking heavily can even lead to a brain’s inability to emanate new memories.


Marijuana is mostly touted as a many misunderstood spectacle drug out there — though is it really? While pot is mostly used to provide a accumulation of diseases such as cancer and mixed sclerosis, some studies have related pot to an increasing risk of building certain cancers, generally lung cancer. Further studies are being conducted to settle a sincerity of those links.

Death caused by pot use is roughly zero. According to a new study, a deadly sip of TCH, a categorical chemical in marijuana, is between 15 and 70 grams. That equates to smoking between 238 and 1,113 joints in a singular day in sequence to overdose on marijuana.

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That’s not to contend that other health risks do not exist. Marijuana use has been related to anxiety, depression, increasing heart rate, increasing risk of heart conflict (within a initial hour of smoking) and suicidal thoughts in teens.

Most rapist incidences with pot use has to do with a possession or placement of it due to a criminialized status. Studies uncover that pushing underneath a change of pot increases a contingency of being in a automobile collision by 83%.

Marijuana use has also been related to unsure passionate behavior, including a noted boost in a series of passionate partners, increasing risk of STIs and neglected pregnancy.

Most concerning with pot is a effects on a building mind and long-term mind changes. Adolescents regulating pot have been shown to have reduce connectivity and reduced mind activity.

Lose a drink to reanimate your attribute

Long-term pot use has shown significantly reduced memory and cognitive abilities.

So what does scholarship contend in a prolonged run? On a surface, pot use appears to be safer than ethanol use. However, both substances come with risks and intensity prolonged tenure health risks, in further to intensity authorised and attribute complications that can come from regulating both.

Which one is safer is still adult to debate, though experts do determine that a safest choice is to equivocate both drugs altogether.

Annie Grace is a author of “This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol, Find Freedom, Discover Happiness Change Your Life.” Learn some-more at: Connect with Annie on and

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