What does ‘pu’ meant on Snapchat and other amicable media?

What does pu meant on Snapchat and other amicable media?
There are many acronyms used on amicable media platforms (Picture: Getty)

Snapchat has turn a hugely renouned amicable media height around a creation and it is ceaselessly evolving.

Snapchat isn’t only for promulgation disintegrating photos and uploading stories, we can pay behind your friends, or review a news.

Snapchat is about to turn a lot some-more irritating Getty / Metro.co.ukSnapchat has only rolled out a large new refurbish that has angry a lot of people

What’s good with a height is that it has multipurpose communication advantages as we can make video calls and discuss with your friends and family: it’s texting, FaceTiming, and a phone all tied adult in one.

What does pu meant on Snapchat and other amicable media?
(Picture: Getty Images)

When chatting on amicable media platforms we mostly see acronyms and abbreviations of difference that can be treacherous to a uninitiated.

Acronyms fit alone with amicable media networks as these platforms are formed on brief and discerning lines of communication; therefore it creates clarity for people to rest on abbreviations, generally for common phrases.

However, they can be a really treacherous and formidable denunciation as a amicable media shorthand is amazingly broad.

You will mostly see a shortening ‘pu’ stand adult in review too on Snapchat and other amicable media platforms. But what does this tenure mean?

What does pu meant on Snapchat and other amicable media?
Pop up! (Picture: Getty)

What does ‘pu’ mean?

I know what we might be thinking: does ‘pop up’ meant to go upstairs or to cocktail somewhere to accommodate that person?

No, it doesn’t, a tenure ‘pop up’ mostly used on Snapchat means that chairman wants you, or anyone, to message them.

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