This Is What It’s Like Flying a Drone in a Eye of a Hurricane


Brian Emfinger is a lifelong charge chaser, and as a photojournalist and worker commander for KATV in Little Rock, Arkansas, his work takes him places other people would flee.

He was in Rockport, Texas, when Harvey came onshore. He flew his worker after a eye upheld overhead, entertainment retaining shots of a issue opposite a region.

But as Emfinger geared adult to follow Hurricane Irma into Florida, he knew he wanted to constraint a worker viewpoint like no other. He wanted to fly his DJI Mavic Pro worker in a eye of a whirly — a intensity first.

I held him by phone as he waited for a gas hire to open a pumps outward Tallahassee.

“The devise from before we left Arkansas was to try to get in a eye and put a worker up,” Emfinger says. “I suspicion that would be unequivocally cool.”

Battling Wind and Rain

Most worker pilots don’t fly in winds over 15 mph as avoiding trees is tough adequate in normal conditions. And even pilots who lure high winds would never cruise drifting in rain—electronics and H2O don’t mix.

But Emfinger is apparently not many pilots. He was drifting as complicated sleet bands approached. Instead of some savage of a worker — an Inspire 2, maybe — his quad of choice is a little Mavic Pro.

“I put it adult right before a whirly core came over yesterday, and winds were gusting to 50 mph,” Emfinger says.

If he felt a breeze coming, he’d fly closer to a belligerent where a winds forsaken off. But there was one sold breeze where he had to fly around a building for cover. And during one point, he finished adult with a worker out 10 feet over a sea battling to fly it home. And it’s positively not listed in a manufacturer’s specs, yet Emfinger says a Mavic is surprisingly H2O resistant.

“I have flown it in ever increasingly worse conditions,” he says. “I started drifting it in light sleet yet worries. Then we started drifting it in assuage sleet yet worry. I’ve gotten to a indicate now where I’ll even fly it — during slightest for a brief time — in complicated rains.”

He does make certain his camera has a protecting burble on. You can see a explanation in some of his videos from Hurricane Irma, where H2O spots trickling down a worker camera. His trick: He tries not to indeed fly around. He puts it true adult in a atmosphere and uses a worker as a skycam. And afterward, he leaves it on in a automobile while a heater runs.

The Eye Arrives

As he’d planned, Emfinger easeful from a eyewall in his automobile subsequent to a stout structure and a petrify wall. Many charge chasers float out hurricanes in parking garages.

“The winds were very, really severe,” he says. “There was waste drifting around — pieces of thatch that were literally alighting subsequent to me.”

Winds on possibly side of Irma’s eye were gusting from 50 to 100 mph during his plcae nearby Marco Island. And with a eye approaching, he had a Mavic on his lurch prepared to go.

As it arrived, a object came out for a few moments and a winds died off. He launched as shortly as it was clear. Unbeknownst to him, there was a mobile home park nearby where he’d taken shelter. And his worker video showed it had postulated serious damage.

“To be in an area where it was so calm, no wind, only a slight drizzle, it was flattering surreal,” he says. “Even during a time we was like ‘this is flattering crazy.’”

Emfinger says he’s never listened of someone drifting a worker in a eye of a whirly before. NASA flew a plane-sized Global Hawk into a hurricane, yet tiny quadcopters have done huge technological leaps in only a final year or two, so there hasn’t been most event before.

“(I) wouldn’t be astounded during all if we was a first,” Emfinger says.

  • Someone flew a worker during a eye of a whirly as it upheld over Bermuda in Oct final year, a video is on Youtube.

    • Surprise. Nice work though.

  • Nope.

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