Pagedraw UI builder turns your website pattern mockup into formula automatically

For years, one of a holy grails of web pattern has been perplexing to automate branch front-end pattern into purify code. Early attempts enclosed collection like Dreamweaver and FrontPage. Pagedraw, a member of a Y Combinator Winter 2018 class, has grown a apparatus to perform that prophesy in a complicated context.

Typically, a web pattern group sits down and creates a mockup of a user interface, afterwards turns that into a pattern in a apparatus like Sketch. Up until now, developers took that pattern and translated it into code, Jared Pochtar, Pagedraw co-founder and CEO explained. His association wants to automate that partial of a routine though trade off on a pattern or coding side of a equation.

“Pagedraw is a UI builder that turns mockups into formula automatically. One of a torpedo facilities is importing from Sketch, so designers can work in their favorite apparatus and programmers don’t need to re-code their work,” he said. The company’s collection are holding aim during program growth teams operative on web apps regulating a React JavaScript framework, though a longer tenure idea is to embody mobile app design, as well.

Pagedraw co-founders Jared Pochtar and Gabriel Guimaraes Photo: Pagedraw

Pochtar says that a prior approaches to elucidate this problem have suffered since they have attempted to mix dual vastly opposite ways of meditative — user interface pattern and coding. By building a bone-fide pattern editor and formula interface, they trust they have combined a apparatus that respects a mandate of both.

“The problem is that there are dual opposite mental models: a designer’s sketch mental indication and a computer’s HTML/CSS model. Past collection have attempted to harmonize a two, possibly forcing a computer’s indication on designers or a designer’s indication on a computer. The former formula in a clunky pattern tool, and a latter formula in [badly] generated code,” Pochtar said.

Pochtar and associate co-founder and COO, Gabriel Guimaraes know first-hand what goes into this routine carrying worked as full smoke-stack developers for a series of years. They contend a slightest favorite partial of their jobs is when a pattern is finished and they have to interpret it into code. They motionless to build a apparatus to solve that issue.

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The founders met a summer before their beginner year during Harvard and strike it off immediately anticipating common belligerent in their mutual adore for mechanism science. The dual indeed started a association while they were still undergrads. In annoy of a fact that they lifted a healthy $1.3 million in seed income while still in school, they finished their educations while operative on a product.

In annoy of their youth, their believe includes internships during a who’s who of Silicon Valley companies from Google to Palantir to Dropbox. As immature founders, they are shower adult a YC believe and training from a believe of a group and a community.

The association is still immature with 5 business regulating a product on a full-time basis, though a product is giveaway for students and people operative on open source products to use. The devise is to assign a subscription to craving users.

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