Life Bot’s new Alexa app can content we reminders, assistance with daily activities

A new voice app from a startup called Life Bot wants to make it easier to use Amazon Alexa as a digital assistant, by helping with your daily routines and training your personal preferences. At launch, Life Bot’s Alexa app has a handful of tricks adult a sleeve. It can find your unnoticed phone, for example, by giving it a ring. Or it can calm we reminders during a scheduled time. It can even assistance we discuss or do yoga during your desk.

But Life Bot’s longer-term aspiration is to learn from a users, afterwards be means to kick-off personalized workflows with a singular voice command.

A destiny chronicle of a app could respond to a authority like “good morning” by rising a array of updates that would differ from user to user.

For instance, one chairman competence initial hear their morning briefing, afterwards launch into a imagining session. Another competence have Alexa foreordain their report for a day, afterwards accept a list of reminders that are in need of scheduling. (To be clear, Life Bot would be regulating calm in a possess app, not rising other skills.)

The suspicion for this helper voice bot comes from co-founders Jess Williams and Oscar Merry, who formerly founded London-based voice pattern group Opearlo. The group did customer work for a series of companies, including Unilever, that wanted to make their products and services permitted by voice.

“We kept identifying a problems that brands were facing, and we suspicion there was a outrageous event to emanate a initial voice app that people adore — and one that people indeed use each day,” explains Williams.

The founders sole Opearlo and assimilated Y Combinator’s summer class.

What’s crafty about a doing of this voice app is that it’s operative around several hurdles confronting voice app adoption currently — including discovery, people’s difficulty over how to use a voice apps themselves and voice apps’ singular inability to strech users outward a home.

“People adore Alexa, though we haven’t nonetheless gotten into a robe of meditative ‘I gamble there’s a ability for that,’ like we do with mobile apps,” says Williams. In part, that’s since Alexa is a new technology, she notes. “But also, there aren’t any outmost triggers to remind we to use Alexa. If we don’t form a robe yourself, it’s really formidable to remember to use her,” Williams continues.

Worse still is perplexing to remember how to plead a skills regulating a right syntax and commands.

To make it easier to get started, Life Bot combines voice app functionality with calm messaging.

When we initial set adult a skill, Life Bot asks for your phone number. The app afterwards texts a acquire summary to your phone and asks for your name. After we reply, it will lapse with suggestions of things to try. Having your palm held like this by a onboarding routine creates it a lot easier to get started with Life Bot, compared with other voice apps.

Plus, now that Life Bot has your phone number, a app can bond with we when you’re divided from Alexa, too. While Alexa itself has reminders and to-dos, her strech is some-more limited. You can check on your reminders around a Alexa app, though when they go live, they’re sent to one of your Alexa-powered devices, like your Echo or Echo Dot.

Life Bot, however, can only calm your phone instead.

In time, a devise is to deliver new facilities in Life Bot, starting with to-dos. In that case, Life Bot will only calm your whole to-do list to we during a date and time we specify. In a few some-more months, a group hopes to have a personalization aspects working, too.

And eventually, you’ll be means to use Life Bot on other voice platforms, like Google Home, Cortana and more.

The startup has no evident skeleton for monetization, though might partner with others to move their calm into a voice app after on.

Currently bootstrapped, save for Y Combinator’s funding, Life Bot’s group of 3 aims to lift a seed turn when a YC summer module completes.

You can try Life Bot yourself by enabling a Alexa ability here.

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