GCHQ Cyber Accelerator doubles down for second intake

A cyber confidence accelerator with links to a UK’s GCHQ comprehension group is doubling down for a second module that’s incomparable and longer than a initial bootcamp that kicked off in January.

The second cohort, announced today, will go by a 9 month module vs three. There’s also some-more of them: Nine startups vs seven. And some-more income on a list for comparison teams, with £25,000 every vs a strange £5k grant.

Startups in a initial conspirator were not compulsory to give adult any equity to participate, with conjunction GCHQ nor Wayra investing during that point. We’ve asked either that conditions has altered for a second collection of teams now that a module has been stretched and will refurbish this story with any response. Update: No change, though see next for a discerning QA with a orator for a accelerator.

The stretched module will offer comparison teams entrance to technological and confidence imagination from GCHQ, the National Cyber Security Centre and Telefónica, that is a partner classification regulating a accelerator module (under a Wayra UK bootcamp banner), as good as a common brew of mentoring, business services and bureau space.

The 9 startups comparison for a module play in a far-reaching operation of areas, from age corroboration online, to confidence skills, to blockchain cybercrime to IoT (in)security.

They are:

  • Cybershield detects phishing and stalk phishing, and alerts employees before they incorrectly act on false emails 
  • Elliptic detects and investigates cybercrime involving crypto-currencies, enabling a association to identify unlawful blockchain activity and yield comprehension to financial institutions and law coercion agencies
  • ExactTrak supplies embedded record that protects information and devices, giving a user prominence and control even when a inclination are incited off
  • Intruder provides a active confidence monitoring height for Internet-facing systems and businesses, detecting complement weaknesses before hackers do
  • Ioetec provides a plug-and-play cloud use resolution to bond Internet of Things inclination with end-to-end authenticated, encrypted security
  • RazorSecure provides modernized penetration and curiosity showing for aviation, rail and automotive sectors
  • Secure Code Warrior has built a hands-on, gamified Software-as-a-Service training height to assistance developers write secure code
  • Trust Elevate solves a problem of age corroboration and parental consent for young adults and children in online transactions
  • Warden helps businesses strengthen their users from hacks in genuine time by monitoring for questionable activity 

For cyber confidence startups fasten a module it’s vicinity to a UK’s domestic view group and a possibility to stir spooks — and potentially daub into a cube of a £165 million ($250M) Defence and Cyber Innovation Fund announced by a supervision dual years ago — that is certainly a biggest pull here.

The supervision pronounced a aim of a account was to dilate buying for confidence technologies around investing in cyber confidence and invulnerability startups. It has been pronounced to be “loosely inspired” by In-Q-Tel — aka a CIA’s VC arm.

A parliamentary question to a UK secretary of state for invulnerability final month, seeking how most of a income had been allocated so distant and for what purposes, suggests around £10M per year every is being done accessible for invulnerability and cyber confidence associated support — including investing in startups.

“£10 million out of a £155 million is accessible in this financial year to a Defence Innovation Fund, to support innovative buying opposite Defence. The Fund is harnessing a best ideas from inside and outward of Defence by activities such as themed competitions and a Open Call for Innovation, delivered regulating a Defence and Security Accelerator,” pronounced Harriett Baldwin, responding to a parliamentary question.

“The supervision also allocated £10 million to settle a Cyber Innovation Fund. This supports a UK’s inhabitant confidence mandate by providing innovative start-ups with financial and buying support,” she added.

The GCHQ Cyber Accelerator is partial of a wider £1.9 billion investment aimed during significantly transforming a UK’s cyber confidence capabilities around a inhabitant strategy.


TC: It’s a large burst from 3 months to a 9 month program. Was 3 months judged to be only too short?
Spokesman: After a successful initial proviso of a program, we trust we can rise a start-ups even serve around a longer program, ensuring a companies advantage limit advantage of this opportunity.

TC: Where is a appropriation entrance from? Is this all UK supervision money?
Spokesman: The Accelerator is saved by a National Cyber Security Program, delivered by a Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and a NCSC. Wayra UK and Telefónica yield additional appropriation support and activities to serve boost a advantage for a cohort.

TC: Where are a teams from? Presumably not all from a UK?
Spokesman: All of a companies are UK-registered companies. The founders embody British, Spanish, Venezuelan and Irish nationals, and we perceived applications from all around a world.

One of a mandate is that they be UK-registered in sequence to grow a UK cyber ecosystem and support a NCSC’s goal to make a UK a safest place to live and work online.

TC: Can we also endorse either Wayra (or GCHQ) is holding any equity in a teams this time around?
Spokesman: Neither GCHQ, a NCSC or DCMS will be holding equity in any of a companies. However, a accelerator partner (Wayra) and other companies ancillary a start-ups are acquire to deposit if they wish and a companies determine to this, though this is not a requirement for entrance to a program.

Featured Image: GCHQ/Crown Copyright

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