France Digitale wants to learn French council members about tech

France Digitale presented a roadmap for a arriving 12 months. France Digitale is an organisation that acts as a lobbying classification when it comes to fortifying a interests of a startup village in France. And a classification had a integrate of new things to announce.

Rachel Delacour initial introduced a event. She is now co-president with Jean-David Chamboredon. Today, a organisation is rising a France Digitale Campus, a six-month training for members of a National Assembly and Senate learn about record and a digital economy.

While Emmanuel Macron’s presidential feat led to a large renovation of a National Assembly, there are still some council members who don’t unequivocally get technology. For instance, behind in 2009, afterwards Minister for Culture Christine Albanel pronounced that French adults should strengthen their home internet tie with a ‘OpenOffice firewall’.

“Members of a National Assembly who we have interacted with, in sold those in a financial commission, didn’t unequivocally get try capital, hyper expansion or business angels,” France Digitale Vice President Olivier Mathiot pronounced — he’s in assign of this project.

“For this reason, we started articulate about this France Digitale Campus thought with Fleur Pellerin behind when she was in assign of digital affairs,” he added. A few years later, France Digital Campus is now some-more than only an idea.

Details are still thin, though France Digitale is wakeful that council members won’t simply take a six-month sabbatical to go behind to school. That’s because it won’t be a full-time job. The classification wants to combine with startups to make council members correlate with a startup in their possess bureau for a tiny bit. This way, they could comprehend what it feels like when we emanate a startup in France.

“We will start with a explanation of concept, a tiny collection of 10 to 20 people,” Mathiot said. “For now, many council members are partial of [Emmanuel Macron’s party] La République En Marche though we wish some-more farrago with members from other parties.”

France Digitale is also starting another long-term project. The classification wants to turn a veteran classification in sequence to emanate common agreements for tech companies.

“It’s a really desirous project, and it’s misleading if France Digitale is going to be a veteran classification in 2020,” co-president Jean-David Chamboredon said. So don’t reason your exhale for this, though a organisation is looking during opposite ways to make this happen.

In other news, BlaBlaCar CEO Frédéric Mazzella is now Vice President and France Digitale envoy in Europe. Finally, France Digitale Day is going to occur on Sep 25th in a Musée des Arts Forains.

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