Brand new Vellum picks a quarrel for prettier (e)books

E-books are a lot of things. Convenient. Good for a environment. Usually cheaper than printed books. One thing they’re frequency indicted of is being good-looking. Ugly books is what 180g is dogmatic fight on with a totally revamped, 2.0 chronicle of Vellum. Oh, and in a process, they’re adding support for creation wood-pulp books, too. Fancy.

There’s no genuine necessity of program that can beget e-books. Hell, if we are a sold fool for punishment, we could probably remonstrate Microsoft Word to gargle out something that could be incited into a hulk smoke-stack of faxes, firm together and easily be called a “book.” The problem with Word and many other e-book-creation program is that they are roughly zodiacally totally hopeless. Terrible user experience, and common outlay during best. The problem is, it’s for e-books, so nobody unequivocally cares. Except those of us who do, that is.

The program creates it easy to emanate box sets, too, if you’re a quite inclusive word-writer

Vellum’s prior chronicle has been out for a few years, and there are plenty of e-books that have been combined regulating a program already. The biggest change for today’s 2.0 launch is that a package now supports formulating books for print, too, with an formation for on-demand copy services like IngramSpark and CreateSpace.

Vellum 2.0 can emanate print-ready files for e-books, even if you’re not a large imitation nerd (like yours truly). Taking an e-book for an tour into meatspace includes meaningful about margins, trim sizes, rise sizes and page numbering, and formulating front matter, headers and footers and page-numbered tables of contents. You also need to do typography geekery such as widow impediment (avoiding singular sentences on a page) and widespread balancing. Sounds dirty, no? we like it. Either way, Vellum takes caring of all of that, and converting images to print-ready black and white. Best of all, we can explanation it all regulating any PDF reader — such as a Preview app.

The company’s pricing intrigue is interesting, with dual tiers available: a $200 tier for e-books only, or a $250 tier for both electron-powered books and books: Deforestation Edition. If we wish to ascent from one tier to another, you’ll be charged $100, so it might be value doing a bit of formulation ahead. Once we have a permit we can make as many books with as many coop names for as prolonged as we like.

Vellum is usually accessible for Mac, with no skeleton in a tube for other platforms. A bit of a reversal if you’re a Windows or Linux jockey, though for a Mac fans among us, you’re golden.

As we can tell, I’m a diminutive bit vehement about Vellum. Why? Well, if you’ve ever had a exasperation of putting an e-book together, you’ll have gifted a agonizing pain of creation clarity of any of this — it’s a outrageous pain in a rectum, finally resolved by an superb square of program that takes many of a con out of a process.

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