Bento Stack is a bento box for your Apple accessories

The usually thing we hatred some-more than schlepping around wiring is schlepping around accessories and dongles for those electronics. And even when I’m not roving it’s still tough to classify all in one place and conflict a enticement to usually chuck all my cables into a drawer.

Which is accurately because my seductiveness was irritated when we saw Bento Stack. It’s a stacking box designed to reason all your Apple (or technically any brand) accessories.

The pattern was desirous by a bento box, definition it has a ton of opposite compartments divided between dual opposite stacking layers so we can fit all your accessories. Each cell is specifically designed to reason things like cables, AirPods, energy adapters and even an Apple Pencil.

The box itself has a tough bombard and comes in Apple-inspired colors to compare your devices, like silver, space grey and rose gold.

The blueprint next should give we a good thought of what any covering looks like and how they smoke-stack on tip of any other.

While it’s designed to be used for both transport and classification during home, it seems a small massive to be a good transport messenger unless you’re holding a unequivocally large bag. But that might be personal welfare – my partner pronounced she’d unequivocally transport with it, given she’d “be carrying all a things inside anyway”.

You can also take out a covering if we wish to make it temporarily reduction bulky. Personally I’d keep it during home right on my table to reinstate my disorderly wire drawer. The china tone matches ideally with an iMac, creation it a good desktop companion.

One downside – a layers don’t “lock”, so a usually approach to keep a whole thing from descending detached is a rubber-band like silicon tag that wraps around a whole thing to keep it closed. Again, not unequivocally an emanate if you’re gripping it on your desk, though a con if you’re roving with it and need to keep putting on and holding off a silicon trap.

The device was combined by Function 101, a new startup pattern organisation focused on consumer accessories. They’re rising Bento Stack on Indiegogo today, with a final sell cost of $50 and discounts for early orders.

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