Snapchat responds to a petition angry about a app’s redesign

Snapchat has posted an central response to users who sealed a petition on seeking a association to retreat a argumentative update, that people contend creates a app some-more formidable to use. In a response, Snapchat promises to make a few some-more changes to a Friends and Discover territory in sequence to residence user complaints.

These changes were announced yesterday, along with GIF stickers from Giphy.

The recoil opposite Snapchat has been flourishing in a months given a association rolled out a major revamp, that directed to make a amicable app some-more permitted to a mainstream audience. Snapchat users have left a app bad reviews, complained on amicable media, incited to opposition Instagram, and they signed a petition entitled, “Remove a new Snapchat update.”

Users are dissapoint over a series of things in a new design, including a blending of Stories in a singular “Friends” page, increasing problems with anticipating friends and rewatching Stories, and a revamped Discover territory that combines calm from veteran creators, large news outlets, video makers, and amicable media stars.

Tweets angry about a refurbish have left viral.

Celebrities, like Chrissy Teigen, and YouTuber Marques Brownlee (MKBHD), have also weighed in.

The petition didn’t excavate into a specifics per a changes Snapchat users hate, though says a refurbish is “annoying,” and has done “many facilities some-more difficult.” It asks Snap, Inc. to “change a app behind to a basics.”

To date, Snapchat has been energetically station behind a update, with Snap CEO Evan Spiegel observant progressing this month that, basically, people only need time to get used to it.

“It’ll take time for people to adjust, though for me regulating it for a integrate months we feel approach some-more trustworthy to a service,” pronounced Spiegel.

The user recoil is suggestive of a one Facebook had faced years ago, when users rebelled over a serve of News Feed that radically altered a Facebook experience. News Feed was eventually a success; either Snapchat can lift by is still unknown.

Snap’s earnings, however, forked to a redesign’s intensity to definitely impact a company’s numbers. Publisher Stories on Discover grew 40 percent compared to a aged design, and users comparison than 35 were enchanting with a app more, a association said, when posting a initial gain beat. 

But many users, right now, are not happy. As of Feb 13, 2018, a petition had grown to over 800,000 signatures. Today, it stands during 1,223,722, as of a time of writing.

Last night, Snapchat posted an central response to a petition, reiterating a position though also earnest a few tweaks that might assistance to residence users’ concerns.

Specifically, a association pronounced that “beginning shortly on iOS and with Android in a entrance weeks” it will deliver tabs in a Friends territory and in Discover, that it says will make it easier for users to find a Stories they want. This refurbish will let users arrange things like Stories, Group Chats, and Subscriptions. (You can review some-more about this here.)

Whether these tabs will assuage users who only wish a aged Snapchat behind stays to be seen.

Snapchat’s full response is below:

FEB 20, 2018 — To Nic and all of a Snapchatters who sealed this petition,

We hear you, and conclude that we took a time to let us know how we feel. We totally know a new Snapchat has felt worried for many.

By putting all from your friends in one place, a idea was to make it easier to bond with a people we caring about most. The new Friends page will adjust to we and get smarter over time, reflecting who you’re many expected to be Snapping with during that moment. This same personalization is also loyal of a new Discover, that will adjust to we a some-more that we use it.

Beginning shortly on iOS, and with Android in a entrance weeks, we are introducing tabs in Friends and Discover, that will make it easier to find a Stories that we want, when we wish them. Once we accept a update, you’ll be means to arrange things like Stories, Group Chats, and Subscriptions, permitting we to serve customize your possess knowledge on a app.

This new substructure is only a beginning, and we will always listen closely to find new ways to make a use improved for everyone. We are beholden for your unrestrained and creativity. We are really vehement for what’s ahead.

Team Snapchat

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