Nokia 3310 review: Is a new Nokia improved than your smartphone?

Nokia 3310 review: Is a new Nokia improved than your smartphone?
Will a new 3310 magnitude adult to a memories of a classical one? (Picture: PA)

In a universe of always-connected iPhones and immensely absolute Galaxy S8 smartphones, is there still a place for a little handset where we still have to press ACTUAL buttons to dial a number?

The Nokia 3310 is relaunching this month labelled during £50 – with a month-long battery life

If there is, afterwards a new Nokia 3310 is going to be a king.

The classical name has been brought behind to life by Finnish start-up HMD Global. It’s Nokia-branded though they’re a people behind it.

Nokia is bustling operative on a series of new Android inclination that it wants to plea a prevalence of a iPhone, though in a meantime it is gripping fans of a Nokia name confident by offered a reworked chronicle of a 17-year-old pattern classic.

HMD tellurian CEO Arto Nummela presents his company's new phone Nokia 3310 during a press discussion on Feb 26, 2017 on a eve of a start of a Mobile World Congress. Phone makers will find to charm new buyers with even smarter Internet-connected watches and other wireless gadgets as they combat for prevalence during a world's biggest mobile satisfactory starting tomorrow. / AFP PHOTO / Josep LagoJOSEP LAGO/AFP/Getty Images
HMD tellurian CEO Arto Nummela presents his company’s new phone Nokia 3310 behind in February. (Picture: AFP Photo/ Josep Lago/Getty)

Don’t design anything complicated or flashy. You can get information on this phone though usually during 2.5G – a distant cry from a rapid 4G your smartphone loves to use.

You don’t have a touchscreen as all is tranquil by a four-way instruction pad – and don’t design an on-screen keyboard, you’re behind to typing out a letters by dire a series 7 4 times.

What we do get is a stone plain phone for holding calls on, adult to a month of stand-by time and 22 hours of speak time before we have to recharge a phone.

And yes, it has a classical Nokia ringtone and it plays Snake.

To perspective this video greatfully capacitate JavaScript, and cruise upgrading to a web browser that
supports HTML5 video

Running a Series 30+ handling complement means it can run comparison Java formed games and apps – that’s how HMD has commissioned a charming chronicle of Snake on a 3310.

You also have Opera’s web browser, that strips out all a videos and adorned blueprint of a complicated web to uncover we only a text. It’s adequate to review Metro’s website and post standing updates to Facebook, though don’t design to tide YouTube only yet.

Nokia 3310 review: Is a new Nokia improved than your smartphone?
The 3310 is positively some-more compress than a smartphone (Picture: Reuters/Eddie Keogh)

There are times when we don’t wish to be carrying a £700 smartphone with you. As summer approaches a thought of carrying a ‘second phone’ creates a lot some-more sense.

You don’t need to worry too most about deleterious a phone like a Nokia 3310 during a song festival, we don’t need ridiculously outrageous pockets to lift it and a legends about a 3310’s indestructibility are all true.

It won’t reinstate your smartphone on a subsequent business trip, though a Nokia 3310 is your second phone for a summer of fun.

The phone is labelled during £49.99.

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