More than 12M "Me Too" Facebook posts, comments, reactions in 24 hours

NEW YORK — Alyssa Milano was in bed with her dual immature children when a crony of a crony on Facebook suggested something that struck her as a good approach to rouse a Harvey Weinstein conversation. She took a suspicion to Twitter, posting: “If you’ve been intimately tormented or assaulted write ‘me too’ as a respond to this tweet.” 

That was Sunday night. By Monday night, some-more than 53,000 people had left comments and thousands of women had announced “Me Too,” pity their stories of rape, passionate conflict and nuisance opposite amicable media, including some for a initial time. 

  • “Me Too” trend on Twitter raises recognition about passionate assault

The hashtag was tweeted scarcely a million times in 48 hours, according to Twitter. Some left it during simply, “Me Too,” though explanation, while others non-stop adult in slashing fact about abuse they had never before common in public.

Milano pronounced a suspicion was to rouse a Harvey Weinstein conversation, fixation a importance on victims rather than perpetrators and charity a glance into a series of women who continue to be victimized. The ashamed film noble has been indicted by some-more than 3 dozen women of nuisance or abuse including rape.

“My wish is people will get a suspicion of a magnitude, of only how many people have been influenced by this in a world, in a lifetimes, in this country,” Milano pronounced in a phone speak with The Associated Press on Monday. “The many critical thing that it did was to change a review divided from a predator and to a victim.”

The posts have collected steam over Twitter. On Facebook, there were some-more than 12 million posts, comments and reactions in reduction than 24 hours, by 4.7 million users around a world, according to a company. In a U.S., Facebook pronounced 45 percent of users have had friends who posted “me too.”

A identical amicable media trend emerged in 2014. “Yesallwomen” posts also had women articulate about their practice with passionate nuisance and sexism. While Twitter had fewer users in 2014, this hashtag was tweeted 1.2 million times in 4 days. 

Even before that, Tarana Burke, a girl activist, started a “Me Too” debate in 2007 to let other sex abuse survivors know that they were not alone. Milano after credited Burke for her “inspiring” work.

In response to a escape of romantic stories, a tiny fortuitous of group posted: “I Have,” observant startle during a groundswell and distress for their possess past misdeeds. 

As a #MeToo hashtag ricocheted by amicable media, CBS News match Jericka Duncan spoke with women who are re-living unpleasant personal traumas, while anticipating to mangle a cycle.

“I motionless to call it rape since we was blacked out dipsomaniac and we was taken advantage of. we don’t remember what happened,” pronounced Haley Jakobson on “CBS This Morning.” 

Sharing her knowledge as a rape survivor has been lenient for Jakobson.

“It’s my law and no one can take that divided from me. It’s my story,” she said.

Jakobson wrote on Facebook Monday: “I woke adult currently meaningful it was time. we tell this since we would do anything to have had these disproportion during 16.”

“Me too, and we was blamed for it. we was told not to speak about it,” pronounced one woman.

“I was 9 years aged when a child passionate abuse started,” pronounced another.

The large response to #MeToo demonstrated what many women already know: Americans are intimately assaulted each 98 seconds and one in 6 women have faced rape.  

Lauren Taylor hopes “Me Too” grows into something some-more than a flitting hashtag. She common her possess story as well.

Growing adult in Washington, D.C., she removed nearby daily travel harassment, from group yelling sinister things during out of automobile windows to boys chasing her as she rode her bike. A longtime women’s activist, a 60-year-old Taylor founded a training classification 20 years ago called Defend Yourself, assisting women learn “empowerment defense” to sentinel off earthy and romantic attacks in all aspects of their lives.

“The ‘Me Too’ thing has had a transformative impact that is some-more formidable than people substantially suspicion in a beginning,” Taylor said. “Women are disclosing that they’ve been harassed, pounded or abused, infrequently for a initial time, and if it isn’t for a initial time, it’s for a initial time this publicly. The perfect series are unbelievable, and a lot of group are saying, ‘Really, that many?'” 

From New York where she now lives, 30-year-old Texan Aly Tadros combined her voice on Facebook. 

Evoking “Me Too,” she pronounced she was intimately assaulted during 19, by a bar owners years comparison than she was in her hometown of Laredo. He had income and connections. Despite that, she went true to a hospital, where military were called. She pulpy charges though in a finish he struck a defence understanding that enclosed court-mandated therapy, trial and a notation of apology.

Tadros, a singer-songwriter, considers herself among a lucky. She had a assistance of an advocacy classification in navigating a authorised system. She could means counseling. Still, she feared a stigma, selecting to keep a conflict underneath a radar both privately and professionally in a beginning.

“Most survivors don’t press charges and we totally know that, and those that do frequency make it past a grand jury,” Tadros said. “But we know we don’t have anything to be ashamed of.”

Marya Jansen-Gruber, a 47-year-old book editor in Ashland, Oregon, has oral to people about her rape in a past, though never on amicable media, where she also assimilated a “Me Too” movement.

“I consider I’m vocalization out now since of a stream domestic climate. Now some-more than ever people around a world, group in particular, need to see what we women have to understanding with. They need to see that there is a problem that contingency not be denied or hidden,” she said. “I’m lifting a daughter who is going to have to understanding with many of a same problems that we face. The conditions in this universe for women is not improving as much, or as fast, as it should.”

Martha Armstrong, 69, in Wilmington, North Carolina, knows that firsthand, vocalization out on amicable media for a initial time about a operation of conflict and nuisance travelling decades.

“I was raped by a foreigner when we was 20 years of age when we worked and went to college in Atlanta,” she said. “That was roughly 49 years ago and, during that time, a recommendation du jour was ‘Don’t tell anyone!’ But we did. we reported it to a police. In further to raping me, he also stole my driver’s license, tyro ID and a money we had in my wallet. This happened on a Friday. On Monday, he called me twice during work and we freaked out and pennyless down. we took a week off work and a month after my trainer dismissed me since we was ‘too shaken and jumpy’ during work. Plus, we wouldn’t nap with him.”

Much of her disappointment stems from how small has altered in a sum of stories recounted by younger women, she said.

Of her possess rape, Armstrong recalls a initial thing she was asked by military was “What were we wearing?”

“I was in a pea coupler in my car,” she said. “That’s still happening. What disproportion does it make what I’m wearing? Something has to change.”

Milano pronounced she has a “Me Too” story as well, though she chose not to share it during this time, anticipating to put a concentration on others.

“Really what’s function here is giving women a event to come brazen though carrying to go into fact about their stories if they don’t wish to,” she said. “To see a numbers go adult notation by minute, we get tears in my eyes meditative about it.”

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