Majority of U.S. consumers still download 0 apps per month, says comScore

Apps are winning consumers’ digital media habits, though removing people to try new ones is still a tough sell. That’s a latest from comScore’s newly expelled 2017 U.S. Mobile Apps Report, that finds that 57 percent of consumers’ time spent regulating digital media is now holding place in mobile apps. Of that, 50 percent is occurring in smartphone apps contra usually 7 percent for apps on tablets.

Desktop is trailing serve behind, accounting for 34 percent of time spent, while mobile web is another 9 percent.

The use of mobile apps to rivet with digital media is even aloft among younger users. comScore found that among those aged 18 to 24 years old, two-thirds of their digital media time is spent regulating smartphone apps alone. Not surprisingly, that commission drops usually a comparison a user, with usually 27 percent of seniors 65 and comparison spending their digital media time in smartphone apps, for instance.

Beyond digital media time, a younger millennials – those 18 to 24, that is – are usually heavily regulating apps in general. They spend some-more than 3 hours per day in apps, compared with 2.6 hours for 25 to 34-year olds and 2.3 hours for 35 to 44-year olds, for example.

In contrariety to these commentary about apps’ continued recognition and visit usage, users aren’t rushing out to try new ones, it seems.

A infancy of users (51%) still don’t download any apps in a month, says comScore.

Of those who download one or some-more apps on normal in a month (49%), 13 percent download usually one app, 11 percent download 2 apps, 8 percent download 3 apps, 5 percent download 4 apps, 7 percent download 5 to 7 apps, and 5 percent download 8 or more.

Again, it’s millennials (18-34) who are pushing many of a seductiveness in new app downloads, a news also finds. 70 percent contend they’re always looking for new apps to try, and they’re peaceful to pay. 1 in 5 downloads an normal of one paid app per month, and scarcely half make 5 or some-more in-app purchases per year.

Other age groups uncover small seductiveness in new apps, with usually 37 percent of those 35 to 54 carrying seductiveness in new and engaging apps, for example.

The infancy (66%) buys 0 paid apps per month, and 58% creates 0 in-app purchases per year. What’s worse, they’re also mostly deletion a apps they already have on their devices.

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While 57 percent of millennials contend they download new apps some-more mostly than they undo aged ones, usually 30 percent of those aged 35 to 54 can contend a same.

People contend they mislay apps since they’re usually not regulating them, their seductiveness has waned, their phone indispensable decluttering, or since they need some-more storage space.

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This isn’t a initial news to find that many users aren’t downloading new apps. comScore speckled this trend behind in 2014; it came adult again final year in a news expelled in September.

That this hasn’t altered over time is telling. It points to a arrange of superfluity indicate for apps, in terms of bland use. Facebook and Google, that have 8 apps out of a tip 10, are adequate for many people.

Today, a infancy of app users entrance 20 or fewer apps per month, and their series one most-used app accounts for half of all their time spent regulating apps. Their tip 10 most-used apps comment for scarcely all a time they spend in apps. That leaves small room for newcomers.

Even dermatitis hits like Snapchat aren’t anticipating traction on comparison users’ phones, it appears. The apps is #3 among 18- to 24-year-olds and #6 among 25- to 34-year-olds, though doesn’t make a tip 8 for any user over a age of 34.

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The information roughly creates it seem like there’s not many indicate in perplexing to build new apps for anyone but millennials, as they’re a usually organisation display critical seductiveness in downloading more, a eagerness to pay, and a ability to adopt a new app during scale.

The news also looks some-more deeply into other habits of this younger demographic, even observant peculiar tidbits like how they’ll undo apps with bad logos, how they tend to classify apps into folders, and how they position apps on their device for easy entrance with their thumb, among other things.

The full news is accessible from comScore’s website here.

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