"I am you": Hear hacker’s threats to plant of temperament theft

LOS ANGELES — Americans have been scrambling for weeks to protect their credit reports after Equifax suggested it had been hacked, withdrawal 143 million exposed to temperament theft. 

So, what happens if thieves get reason of your personal information? 

IT dilettante Art Damaio’s calamity began when a hacker called him after violation into his personal email.

“He said, ‘I am a hacker that’s in control of your email right now,'” 37-year-old Damaio told CBS News match Anna Werner. “He said, ‘I have all your information,’ and we said, ‘OK, what’s my Social Security?'”

“He started reading it behind to be,” Damaio said.

“And he was correct?” Werner asked.


Art Damaio

“I didn’t let him finish,” Damaio said.

Damaio hung up, though a high-tech antagonist afterwards called again, withdrawal a voicemail summary perfectionist ransom.

“Hello Mr. Damaio, we will not get your email residence back, we will need to hit me and give me a volume of $300 around bitcoin,” a summary said. “I also have your Social Security number, your driver’s permit number, front and back. we can fundamentally fake to be we right now. we am you.”

“I was terrified,” Damaio said. “Because there’s this man that wants to fake to be me.”

“That finished it real,” he added.

Next, he started removing content alerts, notifying him in genuine time as a hacker attempted to change his passwords for his eBay profile, his Amazon account, and afterwards his bank account.

“It kind of felt like we was finished for,” Damaio said. “He flattering most had control of all we do online.”

He doesn’t know how his information was stolen, though for criminals, it can be all too easy.

Cybersecurity consultant Serhat Atli took Werner on a debate of a “dark web,” where criminals sell hacked information like Damaio’s.


A dim web listing.

In one listing, someone is offered 1,500 names, along with Social Security numbers and dates of birth. 

“You can buy anything online,” Atli said.

On a “dark web,” Social Security numbers can go for as small as $1, a driver’s permit for $20 and a complete medical record with minute information for as most as $1,000.

“How most does a Equifax hack information assistance these guys here?” Werner asked Atli.

“If we have somebody’s Social Security number, a address, etc., we can obtain all of these papers [like passports and birth certificates] with all a information that was leaked from Equifax,” Atli said.

“Is there a genuine intensity here that somebody gets your information and turns themselves into Anna Werner 2.0?” Werner asked.


Serhat Atli

“Yes,” Atli said. “It’s not easy to infer that we are we if there’s another you.”

Damaio finally regained control of his identity, though fears others won’t be so lucky.

“No one knows where this man is,” he said. “I mean, who knows what he is able of?”

Damaio did not compensate a bitcoin ransom. He doesn’t know how his information leaked out, though says he did learn from a Equifax website that he is one of a millions of victims of that hack, that he says is positively questionable timing. 

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