Tesla opens adult Solar Roof pre-orders, answers a many critical question: how most will it cost you?

Back in Oct of final year, Tesla denounced a new project it had been personally enormous divided during behind a scenes: solar roof tiles. Unlike normal solar panels that lay on tip of a roof, these solar tiles would reinstate your roof undisguised — and, if all went to plan, they’d demeanour as good as any other roof. Just… maybe a small shinier.

The initial doubt that popped adult on everyone’s mind seemed to be a same: “Cool! How most will it cost?”

Alas, that doubt has proven severe to answer. Tesla has given ballpark estimates and comparison numbers, though there’s no one petrify answer that fits all homes. Different homes have opposite appetite needs; opposite structures have opposite roofs and opposite hurdles (chimneys, trees, etc); opposite states have opposite taxation breaks.

This afternoon, pre-orders are going live ($1,000 deposit, refundable if we change your mind before signing a final contract). They can’t unequivocally design people to pre-order though some thought of what they’ll compensate in a end, so they’ve built a cost calculator that tries to break a numbers for your specific house.

Punch in your residence and it’ll separate out a tradition estimate.

Here’s what one looks like:

Tesla is drumming Google’s Project Sunroof here, that uses some 3D mapping cunning to give them a severe thought of how most roof area (square footage) you’ve got, and how most of it is indeed good for solar use. That gives them a ballpark guess for a roof cost (including materials, designation and a cost of stealing your aged roof), during that indicate they cause in a cost of a Powerwall battery. Then they hang in offsets like internal taxation credits and a income saved on your electric check to give we a final cost after 30 years.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk also strew a bit of light on how a grouping routine works: Once you’ve placed your sequence and done your approach adult a watchful list, they send out an operative who works out exactly what your roof needs. How most block footage of tile? How most of it should be solar contra non-solar?

That final bit is an engaging note: not all tiles they implement will indeed be solar tiles. Spots on your roof that don’t get most sun, for example, will get non-solar tiles — though they’ll demeanour accurately a same from a street, says Elon.

The association also tightened adult a timing window of several row styles a bit: installations of a a smooth/textured potion solar panels will start this year, while a wavier Tuscan and Slate panels won’t start attack houses until 2018 (Elon tweeted that it’d be in “about 6 months,” so it sounds like he’s aiming for earlier than later.)

You can find a calculator and pre-order page here.

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