You’re Only 4 Steps Away from Creating a Perfect Acai Bowl

Photos by Claire Lower.

I’m not a outrageous fan of overly Instagrammable foods—I tend to cite aggressively beige fare—but even we have to acknowledge that there’s something intensely interesting about those colorful acai smoothie bowls that seem to be so renouned with a clean-eating set.

Though acai berries are widely hyped for their “superfood” abilities, I’d rather concentration on how juicy they can be when whirred together with other plant tools for a lovely breakfast that’s surprisingly easy to pitch together.

Step 1: Get Some Acai

Very available (and purple)

The tart, vaguely-cocoa-tasting fruit can be found in juice, powder, and puree forms, though I’ve found a puree to be a many easy to work with. Trader Joe’s sells packs of a stuff, though Sambazon creates super-convenient solidified servings of a puree that are ideally portioned for smoothie bowls (and we can unequivocally batch adult on them during Costco, that is always a meal-planning plus).

Step 2: Bulk It adult With Other Frozen Fruits (and Vegetables)

Sambazon reccomends adding a 1/4 crater of water, juice, or bulb divert to a container for a ideally spoonable smoothie, though we find that to be a small thin. To supplement bulk and deteriorate to your purple puree, cruise one (or many) of a following:



  • Frozen fruit: we would aim for sweeter fruits, as a acai is already kind of spicy on a own. Frozen bananas, pineapple, peaches, and blueberries are my favorites.
  • Greens and other healthy things: If you’d rather splash than eat your kale, acai masks a deteriorate of a stout immature sincerely effectively. This is also a good place to hide in some chia, protein powder, or any other healthy add-ins we have a hungry for.
  • Nut butters: Peanut, almond, cashew or any other bulb butter we enterprise can supplement a bit of sweetness, protein, and fat.

Just pitch all into a blender (a hang blender works good too), mix it up, and flow it into your favorite bowl.

Step 3: Top It

Yes, those are a sprinkles. Fight me.

Here is where we get to have a many fun. Though a purify eaters of a universe would many expected purchase their pearls in horror, we provide this step of my play building as possibility to provide myself, since we am of a opinion that we all merit treats simply for being alive and aware. For a best play possible, collect during slightest one thing from any category.


  • Fresh fruit: Get whatever is in season. Right now I’m unequivocally digging those honeyed Hood strawberries, though any berry is a flattering good bet. Bananas are always a must, and we also suffer sliced peaches and uninformed pineapple.
  • Granola: You can get a hippy-dippy kind in bulk during your internal health food store, or we can get some from Trader Joe’s. Actually, we don’t even have to use granola, as any cereal will do. Fuck it, buy some Lucky Charms in there if we feel like it. (If a integrate tablespoons of sweetened cereal can get we to eat a play of antioxidant-packed fruit, afterwards that cereal is doing a good job.)
  • Dried fruit and nuts: Raw cashews are my comprehensive jam here, though almonds, pecans, hazelnuts, pepitas, and sunflower seeds all have their place in a acai bowl. Get some dusty coconut in there for some summery fun, and pitch in some dusty fruit if we like a small chew.
  • Something Sweet: Why not start your day with sprinkles? Or dim chocolate chips? Or candied pecans? You did a good pursuit removing adult this morning, and we should be rewarded. Not feeling a sugar? Sprinkle on some cinnamon, that still feels special.

Step 4: Drizzle It Up

Now for a final touch: a small whirl of a interrelated deteriorate to unequivocally turn all out.

  • Peanut butter: When interconnected with a berry-packed bow, this is quite suggestive of that childhood classic.
  • Honey or agave: Both are good options.
  • Chocolate syrup: Don’t, like, drown it in Hershey’s, though a bit of chocolate will substantially put we in a good mood. (Obviously, if you’ve already surfaced your play with sprinkles and Lucky Charms, and left out a uninformed fruit, we competence wish to only have a play of ice cream, bu try to get during slightest one absurd honeyed thing in there.)
  • Fruit preserves: A good jam (or jelly, or marmalade) is a smashing thing, generally when swirled in to a play of frozen, fruity, spoonable smoothie.

Really wish to streamline a bowl-building process? Pre-batch your solidified fruits and toppings for a week in sandwich bags, and cocktail ‘em in a fridge or freezer until you’re prepared to use them. Even if we do tip yours with rainbow sprinkles and chocolate syrup, you’ll still feel a clarity of self-satisfied supremacy that comes along with creation your possess breakfast.

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