You Can Still Visit Cuba—Here’s How 

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President Trump recently announced that a U.S. will be re-instituting transport restrictions to Cuba, partially canceling Obama’s prior process changes. So, can we still revisit Cuba? It depends.

Traveling to Cuba for Tourism Was Always Illegal

First, let’s transparent adult an critical myth genuine quick. Even with a openings that Obama’s Cuba process formerly created, roving to Cuba from a U.S. for a solitary purpose of tourism was and still is illegal.


Even before Trump’s announcement, U.S. adults were customarily certified to transport to Cuba for one of twelve reasons: family visits, central supervision business, journalistic activity, veteran investigate or meetings, educational activity, eremite activity, open performances or jaunty competitions, charitable projects that support a Cuban people, and a few other really specific purposes.

Trump’s Tightening of Cuba Travel Policies Closes a Loophole

Many travelers got around a no tourism order with what’s called “individual people-to-people” travel, that involves signing adult with an orderly debate by a school, artist commune, or proffer project. It’s a authorised loophole that took advantage of a law that wasn’t as clearly tangible as it could have been.

But Trump’s stirring changes will be shutting that loophole for a time being. Americans will no longer be means to revisit Cuba though a specific permit from a U.S. government—issued for one of a reasons mentioned above—or though roving with an orderly “people-to-people group.” Basically, that means we and your partner can’t customarily book a moody to Cuba, transport there on your own, squeeze a hotel room, hang out with a debate beam for a day, afterwards do whatever we wish for a week.

Once a new Cuba sanctions go into place, you’ll customarily be means to revisit a nation if we book trips by educational transport organizations that offer organisation tours, like Cuba Educational Travel, Center for Cuban Studies, and Smithsonian Journeys. Or we can book a journey by journey lines like Carnival, Ponant, and Pearl Seas. But again, any time we spend on seaside will be with a guided group, and both organisation tours and cruises will cost we a flattering penny (like, thousands of dollars). You’ll also still need a visa (also famous as a traveller card) to enter Cuba, though that’s customarily enclosed with your organisation debate package.

You Can Still Visit Cuba for Specific Reasons and Buy Cuban Cigars (For Now)

The good news: if you’ve already requisitioned a outing to Cuba (even regulating a particular people-to-people loophole), a U.S. Treasury Department has positive travelers that they might go forward and follow through. And if we validate for one of a other non-individual-people-to-people reasons formerly summarized by a U.S. Treasury Department, we might still transport there if we have a current passport, you’re means to secure a visa, and we acquire Cuba-specific transport insurance.

The improved news: for those that legally validate for transport to Cuba, we might still move behind adult to $400 value of souvenirs—at slightest for now. That does embody Cuban rum and adult to $100 value of Cuban cigars as well. There is still no central date for when these new sanctions go into place, so time is of a hint for travelers unfortunate to set feet on Cuba’s long-forbidden soil.

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