Yes, You Actually Need to Read Your Textbooks, Not Just Skim Them for Answers

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I get it—textbooks are pithy tomes that feel like they’re some-more useful as a defensive arms than an enchanting read. But it’s still critical to indeed review them instead of treating them as a “find a potential-test-answer” word search.

Get out those Trapper Keepers and whet your No. 2 pencils—it’s Back-to-School Week! Going distant over a classroom, we’re bringing we talent tricks and ideas on how to start routines, brush adult on aged skills or learn something new this fall.

In college, we remember carrying classes where Hip Professor™ would spin their chair around and triumphantly announce “We don’t use textbooks in this class—there’s one on a syllabus, though we don’t need it.” we would be thrilled. No carrying to spend $200 on a book a clergyman wasn’t going to source. But many classes aren’t like that. Don’t let Hip Professor™ make we think, “If one category doesn’t need a book, afterwards nothing of them do.” A lot of subjects positively need a textbook, and that text needs to be read.


Over during Wired, Rhett Allain, an Associate Professor of Physics during Southeastern Louisiana University, cautions opposite regulating textbooks like they’re some kind of scavenger hunt. This is generally loyal with theme like physics, explains Allain:

There are a poignant series of students that will start off with a text and hunt to a section on inclines. But wait, there is no such chapter! How about a kinetic attrition chapter? Again, no such luck. Maybe only flip by a book until there is a problem with a retard on a plane—oh, here’s one, though it’s immobile friction. OK, good maybe that will work…

But a same can be pronounced for other scholarship and math subjects, or even subjects in a humanities, like history. What good does highlighting a garland of places and dates do if we don’t know unequivocally know a context—the why a how? You get some of that information from lectures, yes, though are we unequivocally underneath a sense you’ll grasp all we need to in a integrate of hours of one chairman talking? What if that harangue is during 8 a.m. and you’re customarily adult late a night before? Remember, textbooks are not a source for answers, they’re where you’re partially taught to rise your own. Some students consider of textbooks as a final resort, and that’s a wrong approach to go about it.

Block out some time, squeeze a break if we need to, lay down, and read. While we read, take notes, prominence passages, and write down your possess personal thoughts we have in a impulse so we have topics to move adult in class. Intentionally investigate a subject, don’t only investigate for a test. You’ll be most improved off in a end. Besides, we were forced to spend a happening on a damn things. You competence as good get something out of them.

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