Will It Sous Vide? A Beer-Soaked Sausage Party

Photos by Claire Lower.

Welcome to this week’s book of Will It Sous Vide?, a weekly mainstay where we customarily make whatever we wish me to with my soak circulator.

There was a lot of unrestrained for sausages of all kinds in this week’s topic-picking session, yet it was a idea of incorporating drink into a brew that got me unequivocally excited.

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I’ve always found beer-braised brats, finished on a grill, to be an easy approach to ready adult snappy, luscious sausages, and overtly felt that this was one box where sous vide-ing usually seemed overly precious.


But we am not one to pass adult an event to eat tainted pork, so we trekked to a store to squeeze a undoubted sausage celebration of brats, cheddar brats, and a basil duck sausage, usually for good measure.

According to a Food Lab, 150℉ is a feverishness to use for sausages that are “firm and additional juicy, with a really well-spoken hardness throughout.” This sounded flattering ideal to me, so we threw one of any integrate in a bag with some drink and about a entertain of an onion.

The sausages afterwards had a small 45-minute beer-soaked prohibited cylinder party, that was also attended by a favorite woodland quadruped friend.

This dude is severely unresolved on by a thread.

When a sous-vide links had about 15 mins left in a tub, we brought a integrate of bottles of drink to a boil, chucked in a remaining 3 sausages (along with some onions), and afterwards reduced a feverishness and let them ready for about 10 minutes.

Traditionally beer-braised brats on a left, sous-vide on a right.

Because we live in a little unit with no yard, we do not have a grill. we suspicion about regulating a friend’s yet it happened to raining in Portland that day (shocking) so we had to mangle out a ol’ expel iron skillet.


I gave all 6 links—both sous-vide and not—a good sear, let them rest a integrate of minutes, and sliced ‘em adult to get a demeanour during their insides. First, we took a look during a plain, classical bratwurst.

The sous-vide sausage is on a right.

As we can see from a above photo, a dual porky specimens were flattering similar. we took a punch of each, and found a hardness to be roughly identical. Both were soothing and juicy, and silken to eat, yet we wasn’t quite blown away. we afterwards incited my courtesy to a cheddar and duck sausages, and found a formula to be similar.

Sous-vide on a right.
Not-sous-vide on a left.

Basically, we was underwhelmed. we overtly suspicion all brats would have benefited from a good grilling—damn rain—but it didn’t seem as yet sous vide-ing offering any genuine benefits. Just to make certain a drink wasn’t a problem—stewing beef in glass can empty it of some of a flavor, interjection to osmosis—I motionless to ready one final brat all by itself, yet drink or onions. This meant we had to go behind to a grocery store and squeeze an ungainly singular sausage.


“What can we get you?,” a grocer asked.

“One bratwurst please,” we replied.

“You wish usually one sausage?,” he inquired, bemused.



Just kidding. we didn’t contend that. Instead we mumbled something about carrying a uncanny pursuit while nodding and not creation eye contact.

Anyway. we baked that brat a same approach we baked a beer-soaked brats, usually yet a drink this time.

They were, for miss of a improved description, a same. Not worse than a traditionally beer-braised links, yet not worse. They were luscious and soothing and usually fine.



So, will bratwursts sous vide?

The answer? we meant yeah, they will, yet we didn’t find it to be quite beneficial, and it took longer. There was no conspicuous disproportion between any of a sausages, no matter that approach they were prepared. They were still good with some stone-ground mustard, though.

But, like, all is good with stone-ground mustard.

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