Why You Keep Getting Acne in a Same Spot

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Zits are unfair. We didn’t ask for them, we positively don’t merit to have them into adulthood, and it’s generally scornful when we finally get a hulk blemish to go divided and afterwards it comes right back a few days later.

Today’s blazing doubt is a elementary one. Reader puddluv asks:

Why do we get acne in a accurate same spots?

It turns out there could be a few opposite reasons since a certain partial of your face could be some-more acne-prone than a rest. Cystic acne is barbarous for camping out underneath your skin and causing pimples that take perpetually to stop reappearing. “This mostly develops after a pore gets blocked by sebum and skin cells, becomes delirious and dilated,” says Dr. Katie Beleznay, a Vancouver dermatologist. “That same acne mark can get bigger or smaller depending on several factors including how many oil your skin is producing.”

But we don’t need a dark protuberance to designer a patch of pimples. Boston-based dermatologist Dr. Susan Huang points out that blemish prohibited spots naturally start in a areas of skin that furnish a many oil—including, as you’ve guessed, a face, chest, and back. Women mostly have acne along a chin and jawline since a skin there is some-more supportive to hormonal fluctuations that make it furnish additional oil.

You should also cruise things we might do that massage mud and oil into a skin. “For instance your bike helmet can burden a pores of your front and so [lead] to breakouts of that area,” Dr. Huang tells us.

Both derms suggest salicylic poison and benzoyl peroxide products, that we can find in spades during any drugstore. But if your acne is serious or if there do spin out to be low cysts, we might need a doctor’s help. (Here’s a good outline of what to design when we find diagnosis for serious acne.)

That’s it for today, though we can ask me any of your uncanny health questions during elizabeth.skwarecki@lifehacker.com or dump them into a unknown form during bethskw.sarahah.com.

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