Why We Love Ourselves though Care More About Other People’s Opinions

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Welcome to Mid-Week Meditations, Lifehacker’s weekly drop into a pool of stoic wisdom, and how we can use it to simulate on and urge your life.

For this initial post, I’m going to share a quote from my favorite stoic, a Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. It comes from his collection of personal papers that were after published as Meditations:

“It never ceases to dazzle me: we all adore ourselves some-more than other people, nonetheless caring some-more about their opinion than a own. If a God seemed to us—or a correct tellurian being, even—and taboo us from concealing a thoughts or devising anything nonetheless immediately cheering it out, we wouldn’t make it by a singular day. That’s how many we value other people’s opinions—instead of a own.” –Meditations 12.4

Here’s another translation:


“I have mostly wondered how it is that each male loves himself some-more than all a rest of men, nonetheless nonetheless sets reduction value on his possess opinion of himself than on a opinion of others. If afterwards a God or a correct clergyman should benefaction himself to a male and bid him to consider of zero and to pattern zero that he would not demonstrate as shortly as he recognised it, he could not continue it even for a singular day. So many some-more honour have we to what a neighbors shall consider of us than to what we shall consider of ourselves.” –Meditations 12.4

What It Means

As vital organisms, a series one priority is a possess survival, well-being, and personal preference. Even a many giving and unselfish of us will demeanour out for series one first. It’s how we’re wired. Yet, when it comes to matters of opinion, we tend to demeanour to others first, as if we need their guidance. Whether we like it or not, we’re strongly convinced by what others believe, even nonetheless a possess opinions of ourselves should during slightest be hold in equal regard.

Get called a “loser” adequate times and you’ll start to feel like one, even if that’s not what we unequivocally consider about yourself. If all a people we know contend a film is bad, you’ll try to remonstrate yourself that it contingency be so, even if we privately found it beguiling and enriching. “I contingency be wrong,” you’ll conclude, “I theory I’m not intelligent adequate to tell.” We demeanour out for ourselves instinctively, nonetheless we miss a certain certainty when it comes to station adult for what we unequivocally think.

What to Take From It

Acknowledge that your opinion of yourself and a things we like matter—maybe not to a universe during large, nonetheless during slightest to you. Stay wakeful and try to notice when others’ opinions seem to be powerful your own. And be convinced not by those opinions, nonetheless usually a contribution when they are presented to we well. Be good and kind, nonetheless also take honour in your possess singular viewpoint on a world. It’s fine if it’s different; there’s no right and wrong in a area of opinion. Your voice should be only as profitable as any other in your possess mind.

You can review Meditations in the entirety for giveaway here.

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