Why we Love This Mobile Carrier for Old People [Updated]

Apologies to these two, who are substantially tech attention professionals
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The batch photos on Consumer Cellular’s website all underline comparison citizens. The buttons are gigantic. There’s a special understanding for AARP members. I’m 33 and we adore this phone company.

Consumer Cellular sells pretty labelled phone skeleton with really elementary cutoff points. For $45 a month and taxes, we get 5GB of data, total texts, and 250 mins of talk. (You can play with a devise prices here.) Granted, that’s after shopping my phone undisguised from Apple. But CC also offers phone remuneration plans.

What’s some-more considerable is how simply we can conduct this plan. Three plain charts uncover how most of my mins and information I’ve used and will substantially use by a finish of a month. Looks like I’m not going to use adult my 5GB, so we hillside to 3GB. (Every page on a site is laid out this clean and elegantly.)

Screenshot: Consumer Cellular

If we ever go over, Consumer Cellular will only strike me adult to a subsequent turn with no combined fee. (It’d be good if they’d automatically strike me down, though one’s strech contingency surpass one’s grasp, or what’s a sky for.)


5GB is copiousness if we tide music, though if you’re streaming cinema on mobile, check your information use before switching. If we use some-more than 10GB a month, this is not a devise for you, we digital-native millennial.

CC piggybacks on existent conduit networks; we beheld no use change after switching from ATT. But we live in New York City. If you’re in a farming plcae and already happy with your coverage, we competence not wish to risk losing it.

But otherwise, CC feels like a ideal phone association experience. Even patron use was accessible and helpful, a one time we indispensable it. If it sounds any improved than your provider, we advise a switch. Come live with me in a mobile phone retirement community.


Consumer Cellular | Home page

Update 3/14/18 12:00pm: This post formerly misstated a volume paid for a 5GB/250min plan. The scold cost is $45 before taxes and supervision surcharges.

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