When Letting Your Dog Greet Another Dog Is a Bad Idea

Photo by Virginia State Parks.

You’re walking your dog. Someone else is walking their dog. Your puppy is so excited to accommodate a new friend, and it’s tantalizing to go over for a sniff. But this isn’t always in your dog’s best interest—or a other dog’s.

Dog tutor David Tirpak writes that on-leash greetings “cause reactivity, condition excitement, and put dogs in immensely worried situations.” This isn’t loyal of dogs’ interactions during a place like a dog park, where possibly puppy can travel divided if they’re not that into their new friend.

So because are greetings a problem? Every dog is different, though these are some of a issues:


  • If greetings highlight your dog out, they mostly learn that barking, growling, or lunging can make another chairman go away. So afterwards we have a control reactive dog.
  • If your dog isn’t stressed, though usually super happy to accommodate a new friend, you’re still unwittingly training them to be a pulling, lunging, barking asshole on a leash. “By permitting your dog to contend hi to each dog or chairman that they see on a travel we are radically revelation them ‘Get vehement each time we see a dog,’” Tirpak says.

There’s also another large reserve issue: even if your dog has ideal manners, a other dog competence be a growling, satirical jerk. (Regardless of either their owners says they’re friendly.) we have one of those other dogs myself—she’s not a large meanie, she usually gets unequivocally shaken in this situation—and trust me, this is not a fun review to have:

Me: Please call your dog back. Mine doesn’t wish to contend hi.


Them: Oh, he doesn’t bite!

Me: Mine might. Please—

Them: [begins lecturing me about how dogs need to socialize]


My dog: Grrrrrrr

Their dog: YELP

Them: Oh shit.


My dog usually growls and has never bitten anyone, though we can’t guarantee you’ll be that propitious with each bizarre dog. Be kind to your dog and to other people’s dogs by not using adult to hail them. There’s copiousness of time for butt-sniffing during a dog park.

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