What to Do If You Haven’t Filed Your Taxes in Years

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If a IRS owes we money, there’s no chastisement for filing your taxes late. If we owe them money, things can get really nauseous really fast. If we haven’t filed your taxes in years, here’s what we need to know.

There’s a disproportion between unwell to record your taxes and unwell to pay them. According to a IRS, a startling series of people don’t worry filing their taxes and claiming their refunds any year. Last year, a IRS announced $950 million was watchful for about one million taxpayers who didn’t record in 2012. There’s no chastisement for filing a late lapse if you’re due a refund, though we usually have a three-year window to explain it. So if we haven’t finished your taxes given 2013 and you’re sincerely certain we don’t owe money, we competence be withdrawal income on a table. CNN puts it this way:

“This has always been a case, though many people don’t comprehend it. The IRS is chomping during a bit to get a taxation revenue. It’s reduction endangered about doling out refunds to people who haven’t claimed them yet. So if we are positively certain you’re due a refund, we won’t get in difficulty if we skip a filing deadline.”

But let’s contend we we don’t record and we do owe money. Or maybe we do record though we still don’t compensate what we owe. Either way, if we don’t compensate a IRS what we owe, we could be in difficulty possibly you’ve filed or not.

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Your Taxes

Technically, not profitable your past due taxes is deliberate a misdemeanor. Lawyers.com explains that this means we can be fined adult to $25,000 for any taxation year you’re delinquent. You could even be sent to jail for (a extent of) a year! This is unlikely, as a IRS would rather collect their income than send we to a pokey. If we know we owe them money, we competence be astounded during their eagerness to work with we if we come forward. As CPA Jeff Haywood told Yahoo Finance about clients who hadn’t paid their taxes:

“In many cases when we have prepared years of earnings for them they possibly have not due during all or what they did owe was most reduction than they expected. Usually some arrange of fear has kept them from filing…Because of a mercantile meridian going behind to 2008, a IRS has turn some-more bargain with these arrangements.”

There are penalties, however. The IRS charges 5% per month on what we owe, adult to a extent of 25% after 5 months. You also have to compensate 3% seductiveness along with a failure-to-pay chastisement that’s 0.5% of your derelict taxes for any month we don’t compensate those taxes. The IRS has a full outline of their late filing fees and penalties here.


Once we skip your payment, a IRS will send we a letter. If we don’t take action, eventually, things can get ugly. They can solidify your bank accounts, ornament your wages, and even put a garnishment on your house. While a supervision has adult to 6 years to criminally assign we with unwell to file, there’s no time extent on how prolonged a IRS can go after we for not filing and profitable your taxes.

How to Fix It

There are some resources in that a IRS competence relinquish your penalties (but you’ll still have to compensate what we owe). You need to infer “reasonable cause,” and according to a IRS website:

Making a good faith remuneration as shortly as we can competence assistance to settle that your initial disaster to compensate timely was due to reasonable means and not bullheaded neglect. If you’re billed for chastisement charges and we have reasonable means for decrease of a penalty, send your reason along with a check to your use center, or call us during 800-829-1040 for assistance. The IRS doesn’t generally moderate seductiveness charges and they continue to accumulate until all assessed tax, penalties, and seductiveness are entirely paid.

According to TaxDebtHelp.com, some common situations that competence infer reasonable means include:

  • Death (typically a family member or someone really tighten to a taxpayer)
  • Unavoidable deficiency of a taxpayer (e.g: in rehab, in prison, hold warrant in another country)
  • Destruction of a taxpayer’s place of annals (e.g: fire, inundate or any other casualty)
  • Taxpayer’s ability to make deposits or remuneration had been materially marred by polite disturbances (e.g: divorce)
  • Incorrect recommendation from a taxation veteran (need to be means to uncover they are deliberate efficient and devoted and that we supposing scold information)
  • Bad recommendation perceived directly from a IRS (over a phone, in essay or in person)

Once you’re prepared to record and pay, you’ll wish to record earnings for any year you’ve missed. If we don’t have all of a information we need to file, you’ll have to make your best theory when it comes to income, deductions, filing status, and so on. If we have aged compensate stubs, 1099s, or W-2s, obviously, you’ll wish to accumulate as most of that paperwork as we can. You competence also be means to ask a twin from a IRS with Form 4506-T, Request for Transcript of Tax Return. Check a box on line 8 and a IRS will send a twin with information from any W-2s or 1099s filed.


You can also use a IRS’ Get Transcript apparatus to see what earnings you’ve already filed and how most income we competence already owe.

Once we record your earnings for any year you’re delinquent, you’ll wish to compensate off your behind taxes and penalties. If we can’t means it, cruise contacting a IRS to work out an installment plan. You can also ask something called an “offer in compromise,” that asks a IRS to cruise usurpation reduction than a full volume due (we’ve told we how to do that in fact here). The IRS has a few resources that can assistance we get started, too. Check them out during a links below.

Payment Plans, Installment Agreements

Offers in Compromise

Alternative Payment Plans and Hardship Status

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