What Grievances Do You Have With Your Friends Who Have Kids?

Photo by Leslie Parker.

When we don’t have kids though have friends who do, issues can arise. Their lives change dramatically as a primogenitor while yours mostly stays a same, and that can infrequently means tragedy in your relationship. What truths would we like to tell them though upsetting them or spiteful their feelings?

Sure, we support them and all that, though there’s firm to be something within a area of reason that drives we a small crazy. For example, here are some of a grievances I’d like to air:

  • I wish to play house games, video games, and cruise games with you, not we and your kid. The initial time your child tries to play or attend is cute, though it loses a attract fast. we get it, you’re a primogenitor initial now, though if a usually approach we can correlate right this notation is with a baby aegis between us, let’s reschedule a diversion and only hang.
  • I wish to hear about your kid, though we don’t wish to only hear about your kid. we do have a ubiquitous seductiveness in your family and your child’s interests, though I’d like to speak to my crony about a things that brought us together in a initial place now, please.
  • No, we do not wish to come to your dry celebration for kids. Stop mouth-watering me and creation me feel bad for not wanting to lay there and thoughtfully listen to people speak about their children when we have none—all while kids roar in a background.

So, tell us in a comments below! What do your primogenitor friends do that worry you? What do we wish we could tell them to their face? Now’s your possibility to get it all out there though rocking a boat. Oh, and if you’re a primogenitor who’s working with fury as we review this, hang tight. No need to blow adult a comments fortifying parenthood. You’ll get your spin to contend things to your childless friends soon.

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