What Do we Do When we Receive Someone Else’s Mail?

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Mistakes happen, generally when it comes to a mail. Carriers infrequently misread an address, letters can change around in a behind of a truck, and people pierce though updating their address. Here’s what we do if we get mail that doesn’t go to you.

If a Mail Is Delivered to a Wrong Address

If a mail you’ve perceived is not usually for someone else, though for a opposite chateau than yours, do not open it and do not chuck it divided (both are punishable offenses). To scold a mistake, we have a integrate options:

  1. Deliver it yourself: If a minute is clearly for a circuitously neighbor, and we can physically open their mailbox, feel giveaway to broach a minute to a scold chateau yourself. It is not bootleg to open someone’s mailbox (as prolonged as it’s not locked), and it’s not bootleg to privately brazen mail to a scold chateau as prolonged as a mail has scold postage. You could also hit on their doorway and palm it to them if we know them. However, be wakeful that there are laws opposite fixation other things—like flyers, notes, advertisements though postage, etc.—in mailboxes.
  2. Write a note and hang it in a outgoing: If a scold chateau is distant away, or we only don’t feel like traffic with delivering it yourself (which is totally fine), simply write a note that says something to a outcome of “wrong address” and hang it in your mailbox or a effusive box. A mail conduit will collect it adult subsequent time around and it will be delivered to a scold chateau in a subsequent integrate days.

A discerning note on notes: don’t write your note directly on a pouch or essay and spot someone else’s mail, contend mail carriers Tara O’Sullivan and Julia Bavaro. You competence hurt a recipient’s mail, generally if we use a Sharpie and it bleeds through, and it causes some-more grief than is necessary. Just write your summary on a gummy note and insert it to a essay before adhering it in a outgoing. And if you’re disturbed a gummy note won’t stay on, paperclip a note to a letter.

If a Mail Is for Someone Who No Longer Lives There

If you’re receiving someone else’s mail with your scold address, we need to surprise a mail conduit and post office. Again, a gummy note placed on a minute with a summary like “person no longer lives here” will do a trick. Stick it in a effusive and wish a post bureau adjusts their records. This competence take a few tries, and we competence even have to call a post bureau if it continues.

Just be clever that a mail doesn’t contend “[other person’s name] or stream resident.” That mail is technically addressed to we as prolonged as we live in that residence, either we like it or not. If we keep revelation a post bureau “person doesn’t live here” with “or stream resident” mail, they competence assume a chateau is empty and stop promulgation mail there entirely. When in doubt, a outing to a post bureau or phone call can mostly transparent things up.

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