What Are Your Favorite Instant Ramen Upgrades?  

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Hello, and acquire behind to to What’s Cooking?, a weekly open thread where we get to share all of your shining thoughts, advice, recipes, and opinions on all things edible. This week we wish to pronounce about a splendidly customizable, forever riffable present ramen.

We overwhelmed on a theme quickly in one of a prior discussions, though we wanted to give present ramen a possess episode, so to speak. The beauty of this things is only how vacant of a board it is. You can dress it adult (with vegetables and imagination sauces) or dress it down (with a cut of American cheese), and it adapts beautifully any and each time. Heck, a final form needn’t even be a soup. You can use a noodles to make a pasta dish, tip a salad, or even spin them into a hamburger bun. But adequate about my ideas—let’s hear yours. As expected, we have some noodle-rific articulate points:


  • What’s your favorite present ramen code and flavor? we am an unashamed fan of a beef-flavored Maruchan and all of a tainted glory.
  • What is a many tasty off-label use for a season packet? I’m never insane about ramen dip, though a seasoning creates a flattering good further to boiled steep batter, and it’s not so bad on popcorn.
  • How do we make present ramen meal-worthy (and rather healthy)? The best play of present ramen we ever done myself contained homemade steep broth, some unequivocally glorious mushrooms, uninformed corn, and a soft-boiled egg. we consider there were scallions concerned as well.
  • What’s a many trash-panda ramen you’ve each done yourself? As a teenage dirtbag, we had a go-to ramen mangle that we consumed during slightest once a week, and we followed a flattering despotic recipe. To make it, we would stop during a 7-11 and squeeze a aforementioned Maruchan and fibre cheese. we would mangle a noodles so they would fit into a vast coffee cup, fill it with prohibited water, put a lid on a cup, and travel home. Once home, we would empty 95% of a H2O out of a cup, by a hole in a lid, afterwards supplement a seasoning and fibre cheese, and stir. The outcome was a tainted mass of noodles hold together by melted fibre cheese, and it was really enjoyable.
  • Did we ever eat tender ramen as a child? Who hasn’t peeled divided a Styrofoam of an Instant Lunch to nibble during a crunchy, umami-packed interior, droughty carrots and peas descending during their feet?
  • What are your favorite non-soup ramen applications? we once done a flattering good spaghetti and meatballs with present ramen and a innards of a leftover meatball sub, and I’d do it all over again if we could.
  • Have we ever attempted a ramen burger? we have eaten a strange and done my possess (back in my xoJane days). Both were good.
  • Cheese on ramen: Yes or no? Obviously I’m a fan of this, though I’m not alone; Roy Choi adds American cheese to his.
  • Eggs on ramen: Yes or no? Just kidding, this is an apparent “yes.” The genuine doubt is soft-boiled, hard-boiled, or fried?

Just to be clear, we totally devise to make and eat your many engaging bowls, so don’t be fearful to get weird. I’ll eat anything (except celery, for some reason).

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