Watch Out For These Three Warning Signs Of A Shady Used Car Dealer

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Buying a used automobile can be a small trickier than purchasing a new one. When it comes to used cars there are countless pitfalls to watch out for—persistent automatic issues, uncanny smells, controversial choices on a radio’s presets—but where we buy a automobile shouldn’t be one of them. If we are looking for a pre-owned automobile from a dealership demeanour for these red flags before we even travel by a door.

Cars That Are Suspiciously Cheap

The pivotal word there is “suspiciously” cheap. There is a disproportion between an aggressively-priced automobile compared to a rest of a marketplace for something identical and a automobile that your tummy tells we should substantially be listed for a few thousand more. If an seeking cost that seems too good to be true, it is.


Often dealers will cost their cars to sell fast and try to undercut a other shops in a area that area, though a play isn’t going to give adult distinction if they don’t have to. So if we see a automobile that is dramatically cheaper than a rest of a margin it is expected labelled that approach for a reason, customarily as a offshoot to get people into a store.

Recently, we was assisting someone in a NYC metro area get a pre-owned oppulance sedan for around $15,000. There was a ton of register available, and many of a low mile examples were in a $19,000 – $21,000 range.

Naturally, this chairman focused in on a one during $15,888. Now, since would a play cost their automobile during “7,400 subsequent marketplace value” (as they claim) when a well-sorted instance could simply sell for thousands more? It is positively not since they like to remove money, though some-more expected there is possibly something wrong with a automobile or a internet cost is usually a offshoot for them to supplement in a garland of back-end fees.

The Dealer Refuses To Send You A Vehicle History Report

Most legit automobile dealers will have a automobile story report, possibly it be CarFax, Autocheck, or something else, simply permitted on their ad register or their website. Dealers that keep these reports behind a paywall, should lift some flags.


However, usually since we can’t click on a news doesn’t indispensably meant a automobile is garbage. If we see something we are meddlesome in and there isn’t a CarFax or something that we can view, hit a play and ask a copy. It is how they respond to this ask that will give we a transparent denote as to possibly or not we wish to do business with them.

When we was sport for one of those inexpensive Mercedes we came opposite a register that looked flattering good and was labelled appropriately, though no story news was available. we reached out to a store and requested a duplicate sent to me around email. we was astounded to accept this response,We don’t have entrance to digital copies of a CarFax.” This, of course, was bullshit. Every play that we have ever worked with, that has a subscription with CarFax or Autocheck has been means to send me a link, a screenshot, or an attachment.

When we told them,If we are critical about offered this automobile we will send me a duplicate of a story report. They came behind with,I’m contemptible that is not a use we provide, if we wish to see a news we have to come into a dealership.

Any store that stonewalls we into promulgation we something as elementary as a story news does not merit your business.

The Dealer Won’t Allow Independent Inspections

I’ve pronounced it countless times on this website, always get your pre-owned automobile inspected. These inspections will supplement time to a routine and cost we a small bit of money. But they could potentially save we from shopping a junk automobile that could cost we thousands of dollars down a road.

Any dealership that is assured in a condition of their pre-owned register will concede their automobile to get inspected. The improved ones will even take a automobile to a circuitously emporium of your choosing. Dealers that have something to censor will possibly prosaic out exclude an investigation or put nonessential restrictions on them


In a box of a Mercedes play who refused to send a CarFax, we knew a understanding was passed with them, though to prove my possess curiosity. My subsequent step was to ask for an inspection. They said, “Our cars can't leave a premises for an extended duration of time unless they are purchased.”

I also had a identical conditions when we was looking during trucks in Florida where a play pronounced that he would concede an inspection, though usually if a customer picks it adult and drops it behind off, and a automobile contingency be returned in an hour. The closest automechanic was fifteen mins away, and a peculiarity investigation takes good over an hour to complete. This man didn’t wish to prosaic out exclude an investigation since he knows that looks bad, though instead done it roughly unfit for one to be completed.

Dealers that have suspiciously inexpensive cars, who won’t send story reports, and exclude inspections aren’t meddlesome in offered a automobile to an sensitive customer like yourself. They are looking for easy targets who see something good for a inexpensive price. Stores like these can simply be filtered out with a discerning phone call or a few emails so we don’t even have to rubbish your time traffic with these jokers in person.

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