Watch Out AirPods, Here Comes Bose

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Apple dejected a large problem when it expelled a AirPods. Companies had been trying—and failing—to build truly wireless earbuds for years. But afterwards Apple showed adult and was like, “Here they are!” Now, it’s Bose’s turn. The new SoundSport Free wireless earbuds are sleek, powerful, and dependable. The Bose buds can do things that a AirPods can’t. They’re also $250.

Put that cost out of your conduct for a second, and suppose what you’d wish out of a set of totally wireless earbuds. For me, a series one thing is connectivity. If a earbuds onslaught to stay connected to your device or to any other, they’re fundamentally worthless. (The consistent Bluetooth tie of a AirPods, interjection to Apple’s exclusive W1 chip, is a large reason those wireless earbuds are successful.) A tighten second to good Bluetooth opening is a good fit. If they earbuds don’t stay in your ears, since bother? And finally, there’s a classical headphone stuff: sound quality, usability, and durability.

The Bose SoundSport Free wireless earbuds check all of these boxes. They bond exquisitely and dependably. They fit like a dream. They also work like a dream interjection to considerable audio fealty and a seamless user experience.


The hardware is considerable too. While Apple’s AirPods demeanour like someone usually cut a cords off of a connected Apple earbuds, a new Bose headphones demeanour like tiny spaceships. There’s a drifting urn arrange of figure on a outward of a blossom that binds all of a electronic courage and batteries. It’s a tiny incomparable than a quarter, that seems large until we comprehend that a earbuds import roughly nothing. On tip of that hoop there are 4 buttons—three on a right earbud to control volume and playback as good as one on a left earbud to control a Bluetooth connection. On a behind side, there’s a rubber foe tip with a fin that keeps a earbud in place.

As a name implies, a SoundSport Free earbuds are designed with practice in mind. That means additional courtesy has been paid to a fit. The earbuds come with 3 sizes of foe tips, yet they fit my ears ideally right out of a box.

Once a earbud is in your ear, you’ll forget it’s there.

Putting them in is easy, yet any uncanny conduct rambling or installing hooks around your ears. And, we swear to God, we couldn’t get them to tumble out during any day use or on runs. Also good for sports is a fact that a earbuds have an IPX4 waterproof rating. So no need to worry about persperate or rain.


You also shouldn’t need to worry about battery life. The SoundSport Free buds offer 5 hours of playback on a full assign and come with a charging box that binds adequate extract for dual some-more full charges. A discerning assign underline gives we 45 mins of extract after 15 mins in a charging case.

The whole package looks like an visitor invasion, right?

All of these specs are impressive, yet they’re also allied to a latest totally wireless earbuds from Apple, Jaybird, and Sony. What sets a Bose detached is a fact that a SoundSport Free package keep a promises. Like we pronounced above, connectivity is a large one for me. Having tested wireless headphones for half a decade, we can quietly contend that bigger Bluetooth devices, like over-ear headphones, are roughly all consistent on this front. Smaller devices, like truly wireless earbuds, seem like they’re never dependable.

So we was blown divided to find that a SoundSport Free wireless earbuds enjoyed a same stone plain connectivity as a Bose QuietComfort 35 over-ear headphones. we initial tested a QC35s a year ago and am now contrast a second era of these noise-cancelling beasts. Among other things, they’re glorious wireless headphones, since we never need to connect. You spin a headphones on, and they collect adult a nearest formerly interconnected item.

The foe tip is simply transposed or substituted for a opposite size, while a earbud facilities a unequivocally excellent shade to keep out dirt and water.

The SoundSport Free earbuds do a same thing. Every time we took them out of a charging box and pulpy a play button, they’d collect adult where we left off on my podcast or music. You can also use any earbud exclusively that is good for calls or spatial awareness. A singular daub of a Bluetooth symbol will move a second earbud into a mix. (Switching from one device to another is somewhat some-more complicated, yet it’s still easier than any other wireless headphones I’ve tested, even Beats wireless and Apple AirPods.) The SoundSport Free buds also stay connected to any other roughly flawlessly. we did notice a tiny difficulty with division in signal-heavy areas like Union Square in downtown Manhattan, yet that’s flattering typical.


One teenager dispute with pattern is a tactility of a controls. The buttons are overtly usually a tiny bit too tough to press, and on a right earbud, a multifunction symbol in between a up-and-down volume buttons is generally challenging. My fat fingers struggled to play and postponement my song causing a earbud to lean a tiny bit, yet it never indeed fell out of my ear. It’s probable that these buttons will disencumber adult over time, that is since we validate it as a teenager gripe.

Like we said, a drifting urn partial of a earbuds is somewhat incomparable than a quarter.

This brings us to a classical headphone stuff, like sound quality. With this wholly new difficulty of headphones, sound peculiarity roughly feels like an afterthought. If wireless earbuds don’t bond or don’t fit, you’ll be too angry to use them even if they do sound great.


As it were, a new truly wireless Bose earbuds do sound great. The audio fealty is unequivocally Bose, with unequivocally good offset tuning that doesn’t sound too bass-y or too shrill. You can heed any graphic outspoken lane in “Crossroads” by Bone Thugz-N-Harmony, for instance, yet you’re not going to feel a flog drum. The high representation synths in “Jealous (I Ain’t With It)” by Chromeo sound crisp, yet a drum guitar is tough to find. Still, a sound peculiarity is versatile and agreeable.

The sound, however, is not unequivocally loud, and there’s no sound cancellation. we wouldn’t even report a Bose SoundSport Free as sound isolating headphones, as a foe tips lay on a outward of a ear waterway yet formulating a organisation sign to keep out ambient sound. This is a underline when you’re using on a still route or usually walking down a street. You’re not restraint out a outward world, and you’re removing a good audio experience. But if you’re in a loud gym or on a transport perplexing to hear any note of a new Liam Gallagher album, a knowledge competence be a bit frustrating.

The charging box is bigger than a one that comes with a AirPods, yet it’s still tiny adequate to fit in your pocket.

If we haven’t figured it out by now, we unequivocally like a Bose SoundSport Free earbuds. They’re a good gadget, one that stands detached from a competitors. In a lot of ways, a Bose headphones remind me of a Jaybird Run ($180), another set of truly wireless earbuds that we tested progressing this year. The large difference: a Bose buds work yet consistent connectivity problems. Meanwhile, a Apple AirPods are a apparent comparison for this category. The AirPods ($160) aren’t designed for exercise, though, and they aren’t waterproof. The neat Apple design, nonetheless attractive, also offers unequivocally singular controls. You have to wave Siri to spin a volume adult or down.


This do-it-all proceed competence be a reason since a Bose earbuds are so many some-more expensive. For $250, we get a dependability, a fit, and a good sound peculiarity we need in any set of headphones. Perhaps usually as valuable, for some people, is that Bose trademark on a side. The association still enjoys a constant patron base, so it’s tough to put a cost on a code cachet.

Still, as many as we adore a SoundSport Free earbuds, a cost tab feels too high for now. Sony, for instance, recently announced a possess set of truly wireless earbuds with noise-cancelling that cost usually $200, and foe in this difficulty will usually get fiercer. For now, a Bose are improved than AirPods and a rest of a wireless earbud pack. But who knows how prolonged that standing will last.


  • Amazing connectivity and surprisingly good fit for a size
  • Classic Bose sound quality, yet no noise-isolation
  • Handy controls that are a tiny too tough to push
  • $250 creates them roughly $100 some-more than many competitors

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