Wanting to Be Happy Can Make You Unhappy—Here’s What To Do Instead

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A new investigate in Depression and Anxiety found that amicable vigour to be happy can lead to increasing levels of depression.

“We’re unequivocally starting to see that a enlightenment and a amicable sourroundings we’re vital in is critical for last a turn of basin and how we respond to disastrous events,” pronounced Brock Bastian, associate highbrow of psychology during a University of Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences.

Depression is some-more common in Western countries like a United States than it is in a East, where people are some-more expected to commend a attribute between certain and disastrous emotions. People aren’t happier in a East, per se, yet they are reduction depressed.

“Depression is an epidemic,” Bastian said. “If it’s some-more prevalent in some cultures than others, we have to demeanour outward particular biology to know how these informative factors can be feeding into creation us depressed.”



Conducted by Bastian and other researchers, a investigate examined a attribute between amicable expectations of complacency and depressive symptoms. It found that a some-more someone felt pressured to be happy, a some-more depressive symptoms they experienced.

Another investigate by Bastian showed that people who felt amicable vigour to be happy also gifted some-more musing after failure. Moving past disaster is critical since ruminating too most can lead depression.

“There has been a change to differentially valuing certain and disastrous emotions,” Bastian said. “We tend to value certain emotions most more. We see disastrous tension as not most use to us.”


Luckily, there are many ways that we can change a perceptions to concentration reduction on perplexing to be happy.

Be Aware of Social Influences

“We don’t mostly comprehend how most complacency is being pushed down a throats,” Bastian said. “Anytime we see an advertisement, we see people who are happy. Advertisers don’t sell their product with disastrous faces. They pull a summary that if we work harder and acquire some-more and buy some-more stuff, we’re going to be as happy as a people in a advertisements.” By acknowledging these influences, we can improved control how we respond to them.

When regulating amicable media, it’s also critical to remember that other people tend to benefaction an idealized design of their lives rather than representing a whole story. “We’re surrounded by this consistent vigour to be happy, and we consider other people contingency have achieved this since we see it around us yet everybody practice disastrous feelings,” Bastian said.

Change The Conversation

It competence make clarity to concentration on a certain aspects of disastrous situations, yet that can indeed backfire. There are many advantages to being negative, including building stronger and some-more authentic relationships.


“People bond most some-more pity disastrous information,” pronounced Bastian. “It forms holds between people in a proceed that pity certain information can’t. Don’t try to always support it in a certain way. Be authentic and genuine about that.” Obviously being disastrous all a time isn’t good, yet it’s critical to be honest about your feelings.

Pursue Goals That Challenge You

Instead of focusing on being happy, we should set goals that give we a clarity of purpose. “A happy life mostly involves experiencing disastrous events,” Bastian said. “We need to plea ourselves; we mostly need to do things that are worried or difficult. As a result, we knowledge happiness, yet a outcome isn’t only certain emotionality.” Like operative out, a routine of achieving a idea requires onslaught yet formula in a clarity of fulfillment.

To allege toward your goals, we should start by focusing on a few of them and violation them detached into smaller, some-more discernible goals. There are even apps to assistance we stay on track. Most importantly, though, we should suffer a routine of operative towards something.

Focus on Other People in Relationships

Whom we approximate yourself with has a outrageous impact on your well-being. Sometimes relations pass their death dates, yet we can mostly urge your relations by adjusting your proceed to them.


Instead of evaluating relations formed on how happy they make you feel, concentration on a other person. Relationships shouldn’t be self-serving. “When we’re focused on complacency as a goal, that creates a relations unequivocally self-focused,” Bastian said. “That’s a shoal reason for carrying a attribute in a initial place.”

Sacrifice and selflessness are what lead to better, some-more fulfilling relationships, even when they means discomfort. “Understanding what we can offer other people is a unequivocally critical pathway for anticipating suggestive relations with people. And that mostly involves going out of a proceed and doing things we don’t wish to do.”

On amicable media, it’s easy to review ourselves to others and to obsess over a series of likes a post gets. Instead, we can use amicable media definitely to build deeper relations with others.



“We can bond with people in unequivocally authentic ways, yet we also need to encourage these connectors locally as good as globally,” commented Bastian. “Social media can be useful in progressing communication.”

Be Sad

Common recommendation on complacency says to be positive, yet perplexing too tough can lead to some-more distress. Instead, accept your unhappiness and concede yourself to be unhappy when we are. There are many healing activities people can do to channel their unhappiness like listening to unhappy song and/or crying.

While we shouldn’t embankment your thankfulness journal, we also shouldn’t omit your disastrous feelings. “Sometimes we don’t feel grateful. Sometimes we don’t feel certain about ourselves, and it’s critical to welcome that as most as it is to welcome gratitude.” Plus, being in a bad mood has many benefits, like improving remember memory.

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