Use These Search Tricks to Take Control of Your Gmail Inbox

Gmail is one those things that we could never live without, though that’s also done my life a lot some-more annoying. we gave adult on inbox 0 years ago (I’d be happy with inbox 1,000 during this point) and we get dozens of useless, spammy emails each day, creation it all a some-more formidable to find any critical messages that are reduction than a week old.

If you’re like me though we wish to get improved during handling your Gmail account, there’s a approach to do it though committing to a herculean charge of totally cleaning out your inbox. Instead, we can use some crafty Gmail hunt tricks (courtesy of Popular Science) to navigate by a bar and maybe even transparent adult some giveaway space while you’re during it.

Tricks for Finding Old Emails

If you’re carrying difficulty tracking down an aged email there are a few hunt tricks during your disposal. It all depends on what kind of messages you’re looking for.


Need to find an critical summary that we never indeed opened? Add “is:important is:unread” to your hunt to lift adult unread emails that Google thinks are critical to we formed on who sent them and what they’re about.

Looking for something unequivocally old? Use a hunt tenure “before: 2016/12/31” (or whatever date we want). You can also hunt “before:2017″ or another year if we don’t have a specific cutoff date in mind.

Finally, if you’re looking for a summary sent by Hangouts (AKA Gchat) only supplement “in:chats” to your search. That will slight a formula and bar any applicable emails.

Tricks for Saving Storage Space

If you’ve run adult opposite Gmail’s inexhaustible storage allocation, we can also use some crafty acid to giveaway adult some-more space. The quickest resolution is to hunt “has:attachment larger_than:10mb.” That will lift adult any emails with large attachments so we can undo a ones we don’t need.


You can get absolved of insignificant emails we were copied on by acid “cc:me” or “bcc: me” (or both with “cc:me OR bcc:me”) and afterwards deletion a ones we don’t want. You can also hunt for a specific person/company that clogs adult your inbox with “from:email address.” Or try acid for a specific record form with queries like “filename:jpg” or “filename:gif” or “filename:pdf,” and afterwards deletion those from your inbox.

If we wish to equivocate using out of storage space in a destiny we can use Gmail hunt to unsubscribe from a garland of mailing lists during once. Just hunt “label:^unsub” to find all a emails with an unsubscribe couple and go nuts.

Tricks for Staying Organized

Here’s one some-more Gmail hunt pretence for gripping your inbox underneath control. If you’re a form of chairman who likes to keep your inbox orderly with labels, we can hunt “has:nouserlabels” to find any messages that transient your system. From there, possibly undo them or specify as needed

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