Use Food Scraps to Make a Kitchen Air Freshener

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Whether you’re frugal, environmentally conscious, or only adore an potency challenge, there are lots of reasons to save your food scraps. Well, mostly to make batch out of. And to compost a rest. But some of your pieces are good for some-more than only hot for soup—they can also be a starting place for a crafty atmosphere freshener.

We all know a energy of something perfumed on a stove or in a oven, a uninformed and native aromas that, if we’re lucky, dawdle for a few hours. Well, because wait for a subsequent time we bake to make your residence smell great?


Instead, start stocking divided leftover pieces of anything that smells great. Next time we fist a lemon for juice, scratch out a vanilla bean, or cut a flay off a ginger root, save a pieces in your freezer. (If you’ve had a tin of lavender tea sitting in a behind of your cupboard given Obama’s initial term, we can substantially count that as a “scrap,” too.)

Once you’ve got adequate that goes good together, cocktail those babies in a pot of water, and set it on your stove to simmer. Some favorite combinations:

  • lemon ginger
  • cinnamon apple
  • lavender vanilla

Make certain to keep an eye on a pot and not let all a H2O boil out—set a timer on your phone if we need a reminder. You can tip off a H2O as it boils off, and as we get into winter, that’s a good small steam boost, too.

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