Use Both Apple Music and Spotify to Make One Good App

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So we attempted to switch to Apple Music.

I was ill of Spotify and a thousand small problems, and we missed iTunes. (Actually we missed Winamp, though that’s not an option.) iTunes feels reduction like a spreadsheet. It handles device downloads better. It works good with Siri and my Apple TV. Plus it’s got all a song we indeed own, including all a uncanny small mashups and SoundCloud downloads that Spotify can’t give me.

But it’s rubbish over on Apple Music. Sometimes we wish to see what my friends are listening to. And whenever someone shares an manuscript or playlist on a web, they certain don’t couple to Apple Music. Plus we don’t know how to make Apple warning me about new song from my favorite artists.

So any now and afterwards we moment open Spotify. And we hatred audio ads, so we keep profitable for Premium. we suspicion I’d hatred sophistry dual apps. But so far, it’s indeed flattering nice! we can means to rubbish 10 bucks a month. And we have a few options for relocating playlists behind and forth, like Move to Apple, S.t.A.M.P., and SongShift.

So now I’m looking for some-more ways to mix dual competing mediocrities into one flattering good solution. For example:

  • Instapaper and Pocket both run curated and “most popular” lists of articles to save. (Instapaper creates we record in.) I’m an Instapaper user, though we check into Pocket’s trending lists now and then, and save all to Insta.
  • Since a iPhone sucks now, maybe you’ve finished adult with a Mac and an Android. You can sync them flattering smoothly.
  • The Apple TV has no Spotify app, though we can tide song to your Apple TV from your phone or laptop regulating Spotify’s built-in Airplay functionality.

Combining dual competitors is always a bit janky. But it feels—and this will sound pathetic—a small stirring not to be sealed into one ecosystem. We all do it sometimes; we run Gmail on the iPhones or run iTunes on Windows or repost the tweets to Facebook. And most as all these companies would adore to close us in, we should try personification them opposite any other some-more often. Because nothing of these companies can do all right.

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