Use a Label Maker to Keep Track of Measurements in Your Home

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Home improvements mostly meant relocating things around, that involves measuring to make certain all fits. You competence jot your window or wall measurements on paper when we pierce into a new space, though if we wish to change something after on, you’ll substantially have to take a time to magnitude again. Luckily it’s easy to immortalize your numerical handiwork: only set it and forget it with a tag maker.

The thought came to me after an unpretentious outing to IKEA for some knick-knacks that led me to to make a unsure decision: we purchased a TV mount though meaningful if it would fit. My fitness paid off there, though we didn’t make a same play on a much-needed span of blinds since we didn’t know a distance of my windows.

Label Every Wall You’ve Got

To equivocate a problem again, we motionless to magnitude twice and tag once, putting a plaque on all with magnitude that we competence caring about.



I proceeded to magnitude my walls, form out a results, imitation them out, and hang a labels in rare locations. My vital room wall labels are behind my TV on a dilemma of building moulding, with a same tag nearby a hostile couch. The window measurements are going underneath a bottom sash, and doorway labels are being placed on a bottom of a door’s outdoor moulding. Closet measurements go on a bottom half of a door.

Make Your Labels Small and Hidden

Since it’s only a tag with a series on it, it’s tiny adequate to fit anywhere though sketch my eye. If your tag builder leaves wider margins than normal, only adjust it in a settings or squeeze some scissors and start cutting. we forsaken a rise down to a smaller distance so it’d be reduction conspicuous until we indeed need it.

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