Use a Drying Rack to Prevent Plastic Containers From Moving in a Dishwasher

Image: Flickr / Joanna Bourne

I eat a poignant volume of Thai curry takeout for dinner. Each tasty plate comes in a cosmetic soup enclosure which, notwithstanding a fact we already have 20 of them, we always confirm is a thing we should keep only in box we need to use it to store some unclear object in a future.

Washing a super-light containers that are totally not dictated to be used some-more than once can be a bit of a hassle. I’m a horrific palm washer, though a H2O gusts from a dishwasher will mostly send a skinny containers drifting around to a indicate they finish adult not removing spotless and we have to palm rinse them anyway.

It’s not only a takeout issue. Washing lighter cosmetic containers no matter what their peculiarity can be a outrageous pain. One Reddit poster, thecatunderthebed, has a good solution: put a steel plate shelve over them.

Once we bucket your cosmetic containers in your dishwasher, put a drying shelve over to import a whole thing down arrange of like a cage.


The shelve is complicated adequate to keep your cosmetic containers in place so all can get cleared but going for a float around your dishwasher.

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