Turn an Old Monitor Into a Daily Status Board

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My counterpart doesn’t come to life and tell me about a rest of my day when we travel in bleary-eyed to a bathroom, as many as we wish it did. An always-on dashboard relaying to me my calendar appointments and a continue would both assistance me start my day with a improved bargain of what we need to get done, and keep me from walking by a city in a rain. Fortunately, with a small tinkering we can spin whatever inclination we have fibbing around into your possess DIY standing board.

Grab an aged PC

The best thing to do with an aged PC is repurpose it. Whether it becomes a Linux box for experimenting, a web-focused laptop for guest to play around on, or an arcade appurtenance for old-school gaming is adult to you. Nearly any PC can be incited into a standing house generator, as prolonged as it can run a web browser. If you’re regulating a webapp we can only go full-screen on whatever browser you’re into these days and offshoot it adult to a monitor. With a Raspberry Pi we can run FullPageOS and run it there, withdrawal your changed PC giveaway to horde your legally acquired retro games.

Get a intelligent timer

If we wish an always-on standing dashboard afterwards you’ll need a guard on that to arrangement a thing. Of course, putting one in your bedroom won’t do wonders for your nap habits, and an always-on guard could offshoot on some-more bucks to your appetite check than you’re peaceful to pay. That’s where an opening timer comes into play, and preferably a intelligent one.

I meant sure, we can use a reticent timer and have your guard flutter to life from morning to sunset, or whenever you’ll be around it. But a intelligent opening (even one connected to a suit sensor) would meant your monitor’s on whenever you’re in a room.

Whether we set it on a specific timer, offshoot it adult to your suit sensor, or spin it on by hand, a standing house should be on when we need it.



Here’s an idea: if we wish your guard to arise adult when we walk, use a intelligent home sensor like a D-Link suit sensor that can bond to services like IFTTT and arise your intelligent opening connected to your monitor. Then boom, your monitor’s on, displaying all from your final terrible twitter to your weekly schedule.

Use some dashboard software

Dashboard program is renouned among businesses where metrics need to be monitored (site traffic, sales numbers, etc). In further to tedious numbers, dashboard program customarily supports some-more personal pieces of information like calendars, tweets, and to-do lists, among others. Free dashboard program like Castor and Freeboard lets we confederate several pieces of information into a singular arrangement we can blast on a guard given they play easily with your browser’s full-screen mode (though it could use a bit of color).


A lot of a primo dashboard program requires a paid subscription, that is flattering jive if all we wish to do is arrangement some tweets subsequent to your calendar appointments and print gallery of your horse, Nomenclature.

Use an iPad and AirPlay

Got an iOS device, an Apple TV, or some dongles? You can use those to spin whatever arrangement we have into a singular standing house with whatever iOS device we have fibbing about. Your iOS device needs to be using iOS 10, Apple’s many new handling system, in sequence to use a Today View—the leftmost counterpart on your home screen. From there we can supplement widgets from whatever apps support them and radically counterpart your iOS shade onto a TV or monitor. iOS 10 works on iPhone 5 and newer, and on a fourth-generation iPad and newer.

Granted, if your phone is in your palm we can only appropriate over to a Today View counterpart yourself, though where’s a fun in that?

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