This Nintendo Switch wharf packs a built-in projector for large shade anywhere

The Nintendo Switch is substantially a best mobile gaming console ever created, yet it’s still not good during going from personification on a go to large shade console knowledge when you’re not during home. A new wharf appendage combined by a association called YesOJO aims to change that, giving Switch a ability to plan a shade of adult to 150″ wherever we wish to play.

The ‘OJO’ wharf includes a built-in micro-projector for a Switch, with a built-in battery that can yield adult to 4 hours of gaming on a go. It can plan a shade of between 30″ and 150″ depending on your stretch from a projection surface, and it projects during HD fortitude with a liughtness of 200 lumens.

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Even if we don’t wish to play on a projected screen, we can use a OJO as a backup battery, too, to supplement adult to 4x a battery life of your console on a own. Plus, it can horse other devices, too, around USB, including your smartphone or tablet.

OJO also has built-in speakers, yet it has an aux pier for audio out, too. It supports HDMI connections, too, and can therefore work with other inclination to plan outward of a Switch, and there are 2x USB-C ports on a OJO as well.

The device is adult for pre-order now on Indiegogo, with an rudimentary cost of $269 (a $100 bonus from a designed sell cost of $369 once it’s released).


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