This Bot Will Help You Decide What’s For Dinner


If you’ve ever attempted cooking cooking for a group, we know that entrance adult with something that everybody is vehement about can be a bit of a challenge. Dinners during my residence typically engage one chairman entrance adult with 3 things they would suffer eating, and afterwards a other chairman (or persons, depending on a night) selecting what they would cite from those options.

It’s not a ideal solution. There are positively times where chairman series dual ends adult eating a cooking that they’re not accurately stoked about, though it is a discerning and unwashed approach to make a cooking preference that everybody has some arrange of submit in.


This week, The Food Network combined a new underline to a Facebook bot called Meal Match. The press recover they sent me joked that users could “swipe right on their cooking decisions.” we laughed during a suspicion during first, though a some-more we suspicion about it, a some-more we consider it’s indeed kind of brilliant.

To play, we only need to “Like” Food Network on Facebook (Click Unfollow when we do if we don’t wish to see daily posts from them), and afterwards summary a page with a word “Play Meal Match.” The bot will respond and launch a game.

With Meal Match, we collect a difficulty and afterwards send a diversion to your dining companions (sending has to occur within a Messenger app, not on Facebook’s desktop website). For instance, we comparison “Fall Weeknight Dinners,” as my category, though there are also options like “Easy Slow-Cooker Recipes” and “Top 50 Tailgating Recipes.”

Image: Food Network/ Facebook

You’ll be shown 10 recipes, and given a choice to give any a thumbs adult or a thumbs down. Your cooking guest will get a same options. Once you’ve all answered, afterwards you’ll get a formula sent behind to you, vouchsafing we know how many matches a organisation had. So, while we competence not have suggested tacos on your own, a diversion can assistance we learn that everybody in a family would be vehement about carrying them for dinner.


It’s not perfect. we can’t eat seafood, and a few of a options given to me were things that we literally couldn’t eat for dinner. If everybody else was down for shrimp and grits, we still wouldn’t be creation it. we wish there was a approach to set a few preferences in a game, or even do a digital chronicle of my “Pick from a 3 options” plan, solely with 10.

That said, if you’re perplexing to come adult with a cooking resolution for your family or a organisation tailgate, it can a quick-and-dirty approach to potentially make things a ton easier.

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