This App Will Loan You $75 Interest Free to Avoid Overdraft Fees

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Overdraft fees are a worst. No one wants to get them, and chances are good when we do it’s not since we were intentionally spending income we didn’t have, it’s since we misjudged how most income we still had in your comment and incidentally bought a container of resin or something else that’s now resulted in a unequivocally costly outing to a preference store.

The easy resolution to this is to only spin off overdraft insurance on your comment (if we don’t have a assets comment to tie to it). However, that means that your label could potentially get declined. While that’s expected only an nuisance and a small annoying when it comes to that container of gum, if that denied assign is something some-more vicious afterwards it can be a most bigger deal.

Another plain solution: Dave. Not your friend from college, a app.

Once it’s tied to your bank comment (using a same military-grade 128-bit SSL encryption record used by large banks), a app will guard your finances and reoccurring losses and afterwards let we know when you’re using during risk of overdrafting your account.


It won’t unequivocally assistance for that container of gum, though it can let we know that your wire check is automobile drafting tomorrow and we don’t have adequate income on palm to cover it before your paycheck is typically approach deposited.

It will also assistance we scold a issue.

Within a app we can ask to steal $25, $50, or $75 to get we by until your subsequent paycheck comes. Loans are free, though when we compensate them behind you’re given a choice to leave a 5-15% tip. For each % of tip we give, a app will plant a tree. Tips aren’t required. It’s rather identical to removing a Payday loan, though but a large fees.

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That said, it’s not wholly a giveaway deal: Using a app costs $1 per month. Still, if we conduct to equivocate one overdraft price over a march of 3 years it ends adult profitable for itself.


For someone vital paycheck to paycheck (which has positively been me several times in my life) it can also offer some much-needed assent of mind. There’s zero utterly like realizing you’re going to be brief $50 for a vicious check and meaningful we don’t unequivocally have a approach to repair it.

Yes, budging is vicious and a good bill will assistance we equivocate problems like this. But, generally when you’re on a parsimonious budget, even a smallest astonishing losses can lead to large issues and $1/month is a heck of a lot cheaper than a Payday loan (or traffic with a garland of overdraft charges).

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