This App Will Let You Know if You’ve Won a Powerball Jackpot

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I don’t typically play Powerball, though whenever a jackpots get super high we (like everybody else on a planet) conduct to a store to squeeze a sheet or two. The Powerball kitty tonight is $356 million, that means if you’re a gambling chairman (or maybe even if you’re not), there’s no time like a benefaction to obstacle a ticket.

If you’re not accurately jazzed about streamer to your internal gas hire to collect one up, now there’s an app called AutoLotto that can hoop a whole routine on your phone. It will also let we know when we win with those earthy tickets we bought.


With it we can squeeze a lottery sheet and find out if we won, right on your phone.To buy, we need to pointer adult within a app and afterwards concede a app to geolocate your phone (determine what state you’re shopping a lottery sheet in). For now, shopping within a app is limited to only New Hampshire, a home of a lottery and where AutoLotto has an office. More states are approaching to be combined soon.

The reason for only a one state is lottery laws need a app to have an bureau everywhere it sells tickets.

If you’re in a infancy and can’t buy a sheet directly within a app in your state, we can still indicate tickets we do buy and get a presentation if we win.

If you’re shopping dozens of tickets, that can make going by them once a numbers are announced a small easier; nonetheless with $356 million on a line we suppose we would still meticulously go by all my tickets anyway before tossing them.

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