These Videos Teach Kids About Consent in an Age-Appropriate, Non-Awkward Way

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Consent isn’t all that complicated. And nonetheless according to a investigate from a National Sexual Violence Resource Center, there’s still lots of difficulty over what “counts” as passionate assault. Case in point: Harvey Weinstein.

For parents, conversations about agree don’t have to start when your kids strech a teen years and they’re shown a cheesy sex-ed video featuring, as John Oliver describes, “30-year-old actors dressed like teenagers from a ‘90s.” These chats should start much, most earlier, around a time Grandpa starts revelation them “Give me a lick and I’ll give we a lollipop,” or when a associate mom and father on a stadium says “It’s time to go! Give your new crony a cuddle goodbye!” Just like with articulate about sex itself, a contention should be ongoing, age-appropriate and active (there’s no need to wait until your child has a specific question).

Here are some videos that can assistance get a review started. Some underline analogies, that can be unequivocally useful in explaining large concepts to kids.

For Preschoolers and Elementary School Kids

This video by Blue Seat Studios breaks down agree in a super elementary way: “This is your body. And we get to confirm what we do with your body.”

My four-year-old daughter loves this strain video from Ruby’s Studio called “I’m a Boss of My Body.” The strain is unequivocally catchy: “I might be young. we might be small. But it’s my body, I’m in assign of it all.” (It works a small too well. Once, we told her to spin off a TV, and she fast replied, “I’m a trainer of my physique and my physique is going to keep watching.” Oof.)

For Tweens and Teens

The nonprofit classification AMAZE produces honest, relatable and highly-watchable videos to assistance teenagers and tweens make clarity of big, critical topics that can infrequently feel ungainly to speak about. Here’s one that goes over a elementary beliefs of consent, emphasizing a fact that only since someone consents to rivet in one kind of function does not meant they’ve concluded to rivet in another, and that someone can always change their mind.

The video “Tea and Consent” explains passionate agree regulating a elementary metaphor: tea. Since a video has left viral over a past integrate years, a producers, Emmeline May and Blue Seat Studios, expelled a “clean” chronicle but impertinence that would ideal to uncover tweens and teens.

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