The Pros and Cons of Credit vs. Debit Cards

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Nearly 70% of millennials cite repel to credit cards, according to a 2015 news from Chime, and Transunion reports they have fewer bank-issued and private tag cards than comparison generations.

It’s distinct that they competence be wary—credit label debt is a critical problem in a U.S., and it’s tough to puncture yourself out of once we tumble into it. The credit attention is impossibly ambiguous and predatory. But a credit label is also an critical apparatus that, when used responsibly, can assistance improved your financial conditions over a march of your life.


Here are some things to keep in mind about a differences between repel and credit cards.

Debit Cards


  • Money is taken out automatically, so it can make day-to-day spending some-more transparent.
  • You can set adult involuntary transfers to your assets account.
  • You can repel income from an ATM or other vendor.
  • Spending doesn’t impact your credit score.


  • It’s reduction secure than a credit card, generally for online purchases. Issuers reinstate fake credit purchases many some-more fast than repel purchases.
  • If your label is stolen and it takes we “more than 2 business days after we learn about a detriment or theft, though reduction than 60 calendar days after your matter is sent to you,” to news a theft, we could be probable for adult to $500 in fake charges.
  • You can overdraft and have to compensate a analogous price (the normal is $33.38, per Bankrate).
  • Spending can’t urge your credit score.

Credit Cards


  • Points, rewards, and cash-back supplement value to income you’d already be spending, and all a opposite types—travel, cashback, etc.—let we prioritize what matters to you.
  • More secure than a repel card, generally for online shopping. The many you’re probable for is $50 after we news it stolen, interjection to a Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA), and some companies will relinquish that.
  • Easier to get refunds if your label is stolen.
  • Can be used to build adult credit measure to assistance with borrowing—your remuneration story is a many critical member of your FICO measure (it accounts for 35%), though a length of your credit story (i.e. how prolonged you’ve had a card) is also considered. This can save we thousands of dollars in reduce seductiveness rates when you’re borrowing for a residence or automobile over a march of your life.


  • Easy to tumble into debt if we overspend: The normal domicile with credit label debt has balances of $16,883, according to NerdWallet.
  • Difficult to review and contrariety each singular form of label and how it can assistance (or hurt) you.
  • Can harm your credit measure if you’re not clever with your spending.
  • Many people are not associating about how to maximize their score, compensate off their debt, or even what their seductiveness rate is or how it works.

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