The Juiced Board is a intrepid try during securing a bill electric skateboard market

When it looks, feels and is finished like a competitor’s, is it unequivocally foe or usually a knockoff?

The Juiced Board comes dangerously tighten to echoing that arrange of sentiment. Juiced and Boosted are difference that loosely share a same meaning, though it’s a appearances where both electric skateboards unequivocally seem to converge.

Until now, we never would have endorsed a sub-$1,000 electric skateboard. The cons for electric skateboards in this cost operation — including a Juiced — are reduce build quality, opening and a reduction discerning remote. This isn’t improved than a Boosted or an Inboard.

But as prolonged as we honour a limitations, it works good as an introduction to electric skateboarding.

The roving experience

The Juiced dual+ indication contains a regenerative braking underline I’ve come to suffer on a high-end boards. By negligence down, we start a acclimatisation of kinetic army to appetite that can assign a battery, even if usually somewhat to boost range. This “dual+” indication has a seven-mile operation before tanking out, with a tip speed of 20mph and a 15 percent class mountain climb. Charge time is around 45 minutes, that is flattering solid.

However, one of my categorical gripes with a Juiced house is one that’s common whenever we revisit these “off-brand” boards: a miss of supplement confidence. Starting with a remote.

The remote is powered by twin AAA batteries (while many others are rechargeable) and is really finicky. Want to kindly delayed to a stop from tip speed? Expect a few heart-dropping jolts before we find a remote’s honeyed spot.

To be sure, we took a Boosted house 2 dual+ along a same track from Spring Street and Lafayette to a office, that is a mile away. It’s a brief scurry when averaging 20mph opposite cars on a city streets and bike lanes, though has adequate turns, bends and obstacles to simulate a daily commute.

Subsequent trips around a area, where a roads were most reduction primitive and we were competing for highway space done roving a Juiced house some-more of a risk than usually carrying fun.

The miss of a full bamboo rug (the Juiced uses a maple/bamboo composite) means you’re reduction stretchable in corners and can feel each abnormality on a highway underneath you. However, it’s water-resistant, that is a plus.

I could go serve in observant that a acerbity of a rug and trucks means you’re some-more fast during aloft speeds, though when your braking energy doesn’t teach confidence, we wouldn’t brave pull a house that far. Or, we can always usually bail.

Bottom Line

By not acknowledging a need for some-more rival pricing, high-end house makers spin a lords, and brands like Juiced take a purpose of a serf, rising opposite a pricing structure in many fatuous attempts to move revolution. The Juiced house is a instance of a flunky that got close in an try to spin electric skateboards into a white-label market.

Meanwhile, Juiced is calm with not carrying a cutting-edge take on electric skateboards, instead focusing on what would move a best value.

If we can support to a consumer who wants to knowledge a trend, though who doesn’t have northwards of $1,400 to spend on a fondle — sorry, we meant a final mile vehicle  — afterwards we competence attain in creation a few people happy. That’s a good thing.

Price as Reviewed: pre-order for $599 during Juiced Boards, shipping in August

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