The Best Way to Answer ‘Do we Look Okay?’

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You’re removing prepared for a large night on a city when your messenger turns to we and asks, “Do we demeanour okay?” Gulp. Do we glow off a “Yep!” though looking? Do we tell them they always demeanour so, so good? Or do we give them some honest feedback? We asked we what we would say, and this is what we told us.

I should indicate out that there was a ubiquitous accord that when people ask a deceptive doubt like this, they customarily only wish acknowledgment they don’t demeanour like some arrange of beast and that you’re peaceful to be seen with them. Fair enough! But some of we common some good tips we consider everybody should know. For starters, always open adult with something nice, afterwards ask a doubt of your possess to assistance them be some-more specific (in box there is something they’re disturbed about and fearful to contend outright).

Commenter Rhayader recommends observant something like, “Yeah, we demeanour great! Why? Does something feel uncomfortable?” Their answer will assistance pinpoint what they’re indeed feeling mortified about and make it easier for we to give a useful answer, or ease their fears. Along a same lines, PieBrain recommends we put yourself in their shoes. Assume they’re happy with their possess ubiquitous character and are simply seeking about aspects of their outfit that are aberrations.

If we do wish to be honest, though you’re disturbed your answer will provoke them, commenter salad suggests we default to a confidence-boosting comment—like “You demeanour great!”—followed by an art school-style critique. First, consider about a eventuality they’re attending. Then, contend something we like about their outfit, and follow adult with some superintendence regulating lines like “I like that vest on you, though [so-and-so] competence be some-more suitable for [event].” That approach they know it’s not about their personal coming or their clarity of style, though about what’s best for a eventuality in question.

Just keep in mind, timing is everything, says emeraldware and Lymis. If they can’t change anything about their outfit or coming right afterwards and there—they have zero else to wear, they’re not during home, etc.—just give them a certainty booster. In those situations, that’s what they’re unequivocally after, and that’s all we can offer. No need to drag them down with blunt probity if they can’t repair it, generally if it’s right before they travel into an event.

As for those of we who ask questions like this, steve.w.scow says it’s best to ask for specific feedback:

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Commenter quasimammalian agrees, suggesting it’s best not to ask unless we have something specific you’re endangered about:

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If we don’t have a specific thing you’re disturbed about, though we still wish honest feedback for your ensemble, keep your doubt true and to a point. As Khukhullatus puts it, a elementary “Is there some vital smirch in my outfit I’m not seeing?” will do.

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